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Let us empower your observation skills before calling for a roof inspection!

Here are some great ways for anyone to stay planted on the ground and note key issues with their asphalt shingled roof that warrant a call to a reputable roofing company like Roofing Annex:

Trust your eyes and save your wallet.

  • Fragments or strips of shingles are the easiest thing to find lying on the ground. If it’s your color assume it’s from your roof. These things are heavy and generally don’t travel too far. High winds and pounding hail can tear away at your shingles especially on roofs over five years old.
  • Dangling strips or missing patches are easy to note but pretty rare for newer roofs, 6 years or newer. However, one should take note of the ridge lines. A whole line could go missing and you may not even notice. It’s a good idea to take photos of your roof to compare to at a later date.
  • If you happen to notice that your shingles are changing tone in a pattern you may have a defective shingle. These may look sound but they will start to go fast. The pattern may not just be tone; it may also look like every other shingle has a different texture/coarseness. Should you happen to touch one, try bending it upwards. If it doesn’t want to bend because it’s brittle then you’re looking at a potentially big problem.
  • A very steep sloped rooftop may give you a view of damage you can inspect yourself. Should you observe dark specks, larger than pebbles, and in random spots you may have hail damage. It often appears fairly benign but it is one of the leading causes of roofing system failure. You want a proper roof inspection by a pro that is a certified hail and wind damage inspector. Look for companies that have Haag Certified Inspectors.

Most damages need you at eye level and not every face will have issues. Because roofs are fragile and your life is valuable it is recommended that even the cleverest DIY pro sit this one out. A real exam should be conducted by an experienced professional that knows how to diagnose roof damage and look at an entire roofing system rather than just the shingle product. A proper roof inspection should be carried out by a certified storm damage expert.

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What the wise person looks for! Hint: Look beyond your roof.

Go beyond the logic of what you see around your property and look to your neighbors. Did they have a roof inspection? Have you seen one or more of them getting a new roof in the last year? Are these homes newer? Was there a hefty storm in the last year? Let the questions flow and answer them. It is likely that your neighbor down the street that got a new roof wasn’t just upgrading to add curb appeal. Fire damage, storm damage, manufacturer defect, rot, and other factors could have forced their hand. It often stands to reason that if your home was built in the same track, or is near the same age, there is a solid chance your roof shares the same fate.

Your insurance policy may very likely have you covered for many issues. Knowing if you have a problem, deciding to file a claim and doing so are all big deals. One should seek council and representation when dealing with their insurer.

For more on Insurance claim advocacy, claim filing, and general facts about insurance visit this link. Then talk to the professionals at Roofing Annex and get the best roof inspection in the business.

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