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XAP Assurance Program for Multi-Family and Multi-Facility Properties

Roofing Annex is a certified provider of the nations most advanced solution for property asset management and protection, XAP. This enterprise grade program was designed for property portfolio managers and CapEx directors looking to minimize risk through continuity of information, proper oversight, and integrated planning to maximize preventative maintenance of their roofing systems. XAP is a perfect fit for companies maintaining a multitude of multi-family/multi-facility properties throughout the United States, it is also a great fit to those looking for enhanced 24/7/365 monitoring and care of their single address properties such as an educational institution, place of worship, or private business.

What XAP Certification Means?

Certified XAP Provider stampCompanies who are regional XAP providers have undergone intensive vetting (proof positive that they are the top roofing company in their region) and are thoroughly trained on the XAP platform. This is all facilitated by XAP 360™, the developers of the Assurance Program. Each provider exceeds the needs of any property management company or facility manager/owner. They are able to provide all documentation at a moment’s notice to become the preferred service partner for a portfolio or property.

What is the Assurance Program?

Here are the main facets of this invaluable platform:

  • Nationwide Continuity
    Whether you have one region or thirty, you can be sure to get the same level of excellence across your portfolio. Reports, monitoring, planning, work provided, and top warranties, are all the same no matter what company is providing the service.
  • 24/7/365 Storm Monitoring
    We know the moment your property is hit with severe wind or large hail. We input the parameters monitored based on the current condition of a roof. We mobilize when the weather clears to inspect and tarp, if necessary.
  • Highest Caliber Inspections
    Our drones see more, and our inspectors are formally trained as well with physical inspecting and reviewing drone imagery.
  • Faster Roof Inspections
    With our exclusive right to the Kespry inspection platform we can inspect up to 10 times faster than a two-man inspection team on your average multi-family property. Reports are uniform and concise and are not subject to human error or fatigue. What took weeks is now a few hours, sometimes a couple days depending how large the property is. In the wake of a damaging weather event this means the insurance claim process can get underway faster.
  • Asset Tracking
    PCA’s or Property Condition Assessments allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of all your properties. Detailed PCA reports allow you to seamlessly execute RFP’s when needed.  From remaining usable life of the material on your property down to detailed takeoff’s and spec sheets, all data required to make an educated decision is at your fingertips.
  • Cloud Based Reporting
    All of your in-depth XAP Summary Reports and PCA’s are stored in the XAP 360 Cloud for secure review and sharing with your team.
  • Project Planning
    Project planning is about being proactive as well. This is done well in advance to insure all points are covered and no details are missed.
  • Top Warranties
    Because we are partnered with top manufacturers we are able to provide the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

Our Autonomous Drones

XAP Assurance Program for Multi-Family and Multi-Facility PropertiesThe most important partnership XAP 360 has made to date is with Kespry, the leader in Aerial Intelligence (AI) for the construction and insurance industries. XAP providers use specially devised tools by Kespry’s industry leading hardware and software.

Kespry is constantly transforming how insurance, roofing, and construction companies run inspections. Their technology dramatically reduces the time spent on each building/site while improving the customer’s experience. The fully-autonomous system improves safety, reduces loss adjustment expenses, and delivers more accurate risk assessments.

High-resolution images detect asphalt shingle granule loss at the millimeter level. No other system on the market can pinpoint hail damage or defective shingle issues as well as Kespry’s technology.

When it comes to measurements, which equate to accurate estimates, Kespry drones are over 99.5% accurate. Comparing to satellite technology and even hand measuring, this is far better than the industry accepted 5%. This equates to massive savings in over purchased products and estimated application costs.

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