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About Roofing Annex

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About Roofing Annex - Our Team of Professionals

Our team is made up of empowered people willing to do what it takes to better themselves, our company, and our client’s lives. They see personal growth, bolster Roofing Annex’s reputation, and make a difference improving how our clients view the roofing industry.

It’s our team of professionals that have gained our numerous accolades by doing their jobs to the utmost of their ability.

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About Roofing Annex - Company History

Roofing Annex is a young and growing company built from the ground up by experienced industry professionals. From the beginning, our vision was to provide a higher level of service and value that transforms the opinions of all those who see the roofing industry in a tarnished light. Fostering this vision meant thinking outside of the box, adding a powerful custom CRM to the mix, utilizing technological advances, and partnering with shingle manufacturers.

A lot has occurred since 2011, but we’ve met and exceeded all of our goals. We couldn’t be more proud of our team members and our combined accomplishments!  Follow our Journey


Experienced Leader - Our Owners


Upper management has changed over the years with the coming and going of some staff like Production Managers and Office Managers but the founding partners continue to keep the wheels turning. Each of the partners has been in the roofing industry since the late 1990s and brings with them a boatload of success stories and skills that make for the perfect team.

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