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Storms can strike with little warning and can cause untold damage to your home. Stay ahead of the storm and keep your home On Top Of It All by following these simple spring weather home maintenance tips.

1. Get Rid of Tree Limbs Around Your Home

A lot of home and roof damage from severe storms comes from falling trees or from tree limbs constantly battering the outside of your home during high winds. Every spring, make it a habit to trim any trees, branches, or limbs that could pose a risk to your home during a severe storm. This means trimming away any limbs that are too close to your home and any dead or diseased limbs that could turn into missiles during high winds.

2. Have a Place to Store Your Outdoor Furniture and Plants

During a storm outdoor furniture and plants may blow around and possibly fly into your home or windows causing major damage. A garage is a natural place for storing any outdoor furniture and plants. However, if you have vehicles in your garage, or there is simply not enough room, you can use a shed or a storage space in your home or basement. Be wary when storing in your basement though, if flooding occurs, anything in your basement could be at risk for water damage. As a general rule, we recommend that homeowners keep their yards free of any and all loose objects during the storm season.

3. Secure Outdoor Structures

Sheds and other outdoor structures can be picked up and thrown by tornadoes and high winds from severe thunderstorms. To prevent this, tie down and secure any outdoor structures you may have in your yard, even if you think they are too big to be thrown – you would be surprised how strong tornado and severe t-storm winds can get. All you need are a few tie-down cables that are anchored to the ground.

4. Ensure Your Garage Door is Securely Closed

Since garage doors are essentially a large, flat surface they can easily be blown in by high force winds. A lot of home damage from tornadoes and high winds occur from wind blowing through the garage door and into the home. You can choose to install a storm-resistant garage door, or you can go the less expensive route and install a vertical bracing system for your garage door. Either way, you want to make sure your garage door isn’t prone to being blown in, especially if that is where you are storing your outdoor furniture and plants.

5. Have a Good Roof Over Your Head

High winds, heavy rains and hail can create a “perfect storm” for your roof. Minimize potential water leaks – make sure your roof is in good repair and there are no loose shingles.

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