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Drone Roof Inspection

Residential & Commercial Roof Inspections in the Cincinnati Region Have Entered the Twenty First Century with Drone Technology

Roofing Annex is proud to be the first restoration company in the area to offer this FREE service to homeowners. Our fleet is taking to the sky to bring our clients an unparalleled experience via our drone roof inspections.

What makes a drone roof inspection superior?

  • Speed
    The average home can be inspected in under 10 minutes and the report is ready minutes after. An average size multi-family complex can be inspected within 2 hours rather than the traditional week!
  • Accuracy
    HD images are taken, sent to the cloud, analyzed by the best AI around, and turned into a sophisticated report.
  • Safety
    Your asphalt roof is always vulnerable to damage from foot traffic – especially as it ages. When boots stay on the ground our technicians and your property are safer. Our technicians let the drones fly themselves so that they stay at optimal distances and avoid obstacles. Know that we operate in full compliance of the law when flying our drones.
  • Trust
    Drone roof inspections are trusted more by insurance companies because they too believe in the accuracy of our reports which are made by 3rd
  • Exact Measurements
    Should a roof need replacing, our drone roof inspections also produce the most precise dimensions to factor into our already detailed estimates.
  • Less Intrusive
    You won’t have to listen to boots on your roof, see ladders, ropes, and cones set up, or deal with having a technical on your premises for long.

Resolving Claims Quickly and Efficiently is what Makes Drone Roof Inspections a Must.

Our drone inspection reports can drive claims decisions in as little time and with as little headache as is possible. We can share access to 3D models to claims adjusters to make claim decisions they feel good about. They’ll look at virtual test squares rather than traditional manually chalked marks on 10×10 squares that are photographed on low resolution devices. This can thwart the need for a field adjuster assessment which saves time. Automated hail detection pinpoints each hail strike to paint a full picture.

Because hail and wind are the leading causes of early roof failure, it’s good to have a tool that insurers are adopting to inspect these damages.

The Best Drones on the Market

Roofing Annex did its homework and met with a multitude of drone developers before settling on Kespry. Simply put, our drones have the finest autonomous piloting, sharpest imagery, smartest artificial intelligence applied to image reading, most accurate measurements, and a cloud reporting suite that generates thee most easy to read bullet-proof reports possible.

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