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Let’s face it, summers are for entertaining, playing, vacationing, and yes, home care. “Chores” is an ugly word but if you tackle the items on our summertime home chores checklist you’ll be both proud and ready for the year to come.

Summertime Home Chores Checklist - Windows

#1 – Wash Those Windows

We must put this at the top of our summertime home chores checklist because it’s entertaining season. The typical household entertains on no less than four occasions from June to September. Get that glass sparkling with a bucket of soapy water, a sponge, and plenty of elbow grease. Get the whole family involved if possible! Turn it into a water fight if you must. Then, go back over with some Windex to make it look like pro job. Speaking of “pros”, don’t be afraid to call for help if the size of the job is just too daunting.

Need a professional? We recommend United Window Cleaning to Cincinnati residents.

Summertime Home Chores Checklist - filters

#2 – Replace or Clean Air Conditioner Filters

If you haven’t gotten around to it yet, it’s high time to get those filters refreshed. If your filters look okay, go ahead and use the hose on your vacuum to remove dust from them and the housing and grate. Also, be sure to restrict some of your downstairs vents in naturally cool areas to allow the cooler air upstairs to work its way down to regulate a consistent home temperature.

Hit a snag with your AC not working? Contact Apollo Home in Cincinnati for help.

Summertime Home Chores Checklist - Power Wash

#3 – Power Wash the Driveway, Patio, and Walkways

Weeds, debris, and moss may have taken over your traffic areas but that’s an easy fix! If a broom and garden hose are not enough, it’s easy to get out the power washer. In most cases, a power washer is the best tool for removing weeds from cracks in pavement or pavers. It should destroy the roots and wash the problem away in one shot. Mildew and grime areas do take a little more time, but the color change is most gratifying.

Need to rent a power washer? Try Econ-O-Wise Rental in Mason.

Summertime Home Chores Checklist - Attic Inspection

#4 – Inspect That Attic

It’s no fun, but summertime is the best time to check your attic for any indication of pests or insects, water leakage, mold, or mildew. Also, be sure to turn off the lights to check for any sign of light peeking in where it shouldn’t. It’s a clever idea to do your inspection on a sweltering yet breezy day to note how your attic is breathing. If it’s stale and unholy hot, you may want to have a roofer look at the venting situation.

Call on Ace Exterminating in Cincinnati for help with any creepy crawlies!

Summertime Home Chores Checklist - Fans

#5 – Clean & Set Ceiling Fans to Down/Counter-Clockwise

Before flipping the switches to reverse the air flow, be sure to clean the fan blades. If you don’t, you may end up with a fresh crop of dust bunnies. We recommend the pillowcase technique. This requires a step ladder and an old pillowcase. Simply stuff a blade into the case, pinch down the open side to squeeze against the blade, and pull towards the blade tip. This is the best way to contain that dust buildup!

Summertime Home Chores Checklist - Window screens

#6 – Clean or Replace Window Screens

Get out a bucket of soapy water, a hose, and a softer scrub brush, then pop off those screens. We recommend laying them down on the patio first before blasting them with water for a moment. Then, scrub with the brush doused in soapy water. Finally, hit them again with the hose and stand them up to dry for a couple hours before replacing. If there are too many holes or if this cleaning treatment damaged older screens, then it’s time to buy replacements.

Summertime Home Chores Checklist - paint

#7 – Touch-Up Painting

This is a quick outdoor home maintenance must that will give a boost to your home’s exterior appearance. Now that it’s warm enough to work outside, you can finally touch-up the paint on the outside of your home. Hopefully you still have some cans left over from your last painting. If not or if you can’t remember the exact color of your home, you can ask a paint professional at your local paint store to come out and help you find the perfect match.


Other Possible Projects to do Doing During the Summer

These items may not apply to you but they are great reminders of things to check on:

  • Deck Re-Staining
  • Pool Maintenance
  • Garage Cleaning
  • Roof Inspection
  • Review All Hoses (Washers, garden, etc.)