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Metal Roofing

Undeniably strong, metal roofing is a surefire way to protect your housing. Made of metal pieces or tiling, this visually stunning roof setup is well known for its sturdiness and strength. Before we go into what metal roofing can mimic, we’ll go into the history of this highly effective method of home protection.

Metal Roofing History

Having roots in B.C., metal roofing began as copper… with much of it still providing coverage to property today. Its longevity has landed it on castles and many other historical relics throughout the world that many people visit to this day.

The early days of metal roofing began as a form of galvanized steel that still finds its way onto homes in developing countries. In Nordic places such as Sweden and Finland, colored steel roofing is popular.

Advantages of Metal Roofing

Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • They are very durable in cold temperatures.
  • They are 100 percent recyclable and made with a high percentage of recycled product.
  • They can be manufactured to mimic other roofing products such as slate, asphalt shingles, tile, or cedar shakes.
  • A wide range of design and colors.

Metal Roofing Misconceptions

Many have the idea that metal roofing attracts lightning or increases lightning strikes. However, it has been proven that metal roofing does not generate an increase to lighting strikes.

Another excellent fact is that in the instance of lightning striking a metal roof, the electricity would be dispersed throughout the structure without harming the home. Given the fact that metal roofing isn’t flammable or combustible, it may be much more safe for protecting a home.

Metal Roof Coating

Metal roofing is treated with many different coatings such as:

  • Waterproofing
  • Anti-rust
  • Heat-reflective

These compounds help a metal roof sustain longevity to protect a home.

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