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Most homeowners think style, color, or price is the most important feature when looking to replace their roof. Nothing could be further from the truth, as none of those will protect your home. There are 3 symbiotic components that make a roofing system one of true value; The products, the roofer, and the manufacturer of the roofing system components who backs it all via a great warranty.

Allow us to sum this all up and explain why we offer “The Last Roof You’ll Ever Need”.

The Best Roofing Products Come from those Who Strive to Be the Best

GAF, North America’s largest manufacture of shingles and full roofing system components, carries the best accolades in the industry. GAF has sought to make better and better products through solid research and development. They have more options, a better reputation, and finer warranties than any of their competition. It’s no wonder they get stamps of approval from Better Housekeeping every year.

Manufacturer Backed Roofers are Superior

When a manufacturer like GAF designates a roofing company with a title like Master Elite Contractor, they are saying that they have total confidence in that roofing company to provide a perfectly installed roofing system. Out of the countless roofers in the Cincinnati region and beyond, only 2-3% of those roofers make this cut. Roofing Annex is proud to be among those 2-3 % and has maintained this title along the highest reviews from customers polled by GAF out of those few. This certification also allows us to offer 2 exclusive warranties from GAF. They do come with price tags as GAF will come out to inspect the work before issuing the warranty. Unlike most roofers, Roofing Annex covers the cost of one of these warranties to ensure each roof is backed up.

A Warranty with Real Value

A standard roofer without manufacturer certification will have a 1-5-year workmanship warranty of their own and product warranty on the shingles that will last 20-50 years depending on the manufacturer. The problem with that is that the roofer may cause an issue that voids the manufacturer’s warranty. This puts them on the spot and if they’re a young company with a few instances of fault there is a chance they won’t even be in business to honor their own warranty for that period.

Studies have shown that over 35% of new roofs installed by non-certified roofers fail within 5 years. Couple this with the fact that most roofing companies are not in business more than 6 years which resolves in a big problem.

GAF trusts their products to last and they trust their Master Elite roofers to install them correctly. They prove this with their warranties. The following breakdown highlights the many pluses of the GAF warranties alongside the average industry warranty.

Compare roof warranties.

The sad truth about roofing warranties from other manufacturers is that they don’t cover you for much. Many shingle manufactures just make the shingles and leave out other roofing system components. This in turn means that they probably have no extended warranty or roofer certification. This leaves you having to trust that your roofer is impeccable. The average warranty just doesn’t compare to the basic GAF Systems Plus Warranty.


A perfectly installed A+ roofing system with a great warranty is obviously the most important choice. It can obviously be the color and shingle design you’re looking for and the price doesn’t have to stink either. A roof isn’t like buying any name brand of peanut butter that tastes about the same as the generic names. It’s much more like buying a car. Some are high quality and overpriced while a Honda has all the safety features, reliability (maybe more), comfort, and a fair price tag. A new car comes from certified dealership (like a roofing manufacturer) and comes with a warranty. A used car can obviously be an excellent value but they don’t come with good warranties if any at all.

Truth about roofing warranties is simply that they are not anywhere near equal. Thus, it’s important for consumers to shop for a roofer backed by the likes of GAF, CertainTeed, or Owens Corning.


Looking for a roofing contractor in the Cincinnati or Dayton area? Roofing Annex is ready to address your roofing concerns with world-class service, solutions, and warranties.

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