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Why Choose Roofing Annex as Your Storm Damage Roofing Contractor?

Residents in the Greater Cincinnati Area suburbs have hundreds of roofing contractors to call on for help with Storm Damage. The question is which roofing company should you call? Perhaps one with specialized Storm Damage Services! Our trained experts will come to you—with the equipment, technology, and our established processes needed to identify storm damage and streamline the insurance claim process. Need emergency repairs? We’ve got you covered there too!

There are several factors that you must consider when choosing a roofing contractor:

Professional Representation

It is extremely important that you hire the right company for the job. We frequently receive calls from homeowners who have been denied for roof replacement or have only been approved for a partial repair to their roof. The reason being, they had a good contractor who could complete the repairs, but unfortunately the contractor did not understand the insurance claim process.

Understanding the Insurance Claim Process

The Roofing Annex understands the insurance claim process, policy guidelines and how each individual insurance company evaluates and determines whether hail or wind has damaged your property. The procedure Roofing Annex uses to settle your insurance claim is efficient, thorough and guarantees you the best possible result in the least amount of time.

Understanding your Insurance Company Guidelines

Whether your roof is 2 years old or 22 years old, each insurance carrier utilizes their own specific criteria that must be met, documented and verified—to determine if your roof and exterior of your home or commercial property should be repaired or replaced due to storm damage.

It is reassuring to know that at Roofing Annex you have experts available to help you understand these documented guidelines and verify whether your property suffered storm damage. We will also explain how your specific insurance company may resolve your insurance claim.

Haag Certified Inspection

Roofing Annex team managers are all trained and certified by Haag Engineering to determine if your roof has been compromised due to damage caused by Hail or Wind.

Haag Engineering is the leading expert and training institute for roofing consultants, public adjusters and insurance adjusters. These professionals are all trained to determine how hail and wind can damage and compromise the water shed integrity of your roof. We offer this service for free to homeowners in our Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus, Ohio region. Homes outside of our coverage zones may have fees applied.

iPad/iPhone Photo Services

Your Roofing Annex representative will take real time photos of any storm damage that may be present to your roof and property exterior. In person they will explain the damage details that are noted to your property. You will immediately receive an email linking you to a web page of all photos depicting your storm damage and a recommendation on whether you should file an insurance claim or not. We offer this service for free to homeowners in the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus, Ohio region. Homes outside of our coverage zones may have fees applied.

EagleView Technology Services

Roofing Annex will measure your roof via satellite imagery from EagleView Technology Inc. This Free report will be provided to you and your insurance adjuster, guaranteeing an exact measurement of your roof. We take the guess-work out of measuring your roof!

We Make the Insurance Claim Process Easy

Roofing Annex will take the confusion and frustration out of filing an insurance claim. Our sales associates and project managers can have your property looking new again in a very short period of time after your claim has been settled. Allowing Roofing Annex to work with your insurance adjuster and negotiate your claim on your behalf will provide you with the best overall settlement. After all, our mutual goal is to repair your home with the highest quality service and products available within our industry.

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