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Commercial steep slope roofing systems are built for long lasting protection but at some point they will inevitably have some sort of failure. Problems with the sub decking design, poor initial installation, lack of solid maintenance, and extreme weather events (classic Cincinnati wind and hail for example) can all play a role in the health of a roof. It’s understandably hard to know what to do about a specific situation. When we pit commercial steep slope roof recovery vs replacement you’re looking at lesser cash spends for a recovery repair which may entail a high cost or a low one, due to insurance.

The commercial restoration and maintenance experts at Roofing Annex have seen it all; they provide property owners and managers with the following rundown to help direct decisions.

Roof Recovery via Repair

Smaller issues on commercial roofs can easily be repaired even if they look large to the eye.

Reasons for choosing repair work over replacement:

  • The seals are in overall good shape but there are a few hiccups
  • Water drainage isn’t occurring as it should and there is no leakage
  • Leaks occur due to deteriorated pipe boots
  • Rotten fascia is the culprit for leaks
  • Easily identified isolated water entry points on the roof surface
  • Apron and other joint related issues can be repair only
  • The issues are superficial and cleaning is required

Benefits to making smaller repairs:

  • Less costly than replacement
  • Takes less time to complete
    • Relief comes quicker
    • Less disruptive than a full tear-off and build (especially for multi-family homes)
    • Less risk of the property being exposed to the elements
  • Extends the life of the roof
  • Provides a strong understanding of the life expectancy of the roofing system

Problems with repairing a roof that needs replacement:

  • Nailing down a vast amount of shingles means the end is near for the roofing system and you just wasted money
  • Too much spot replacing may have meant going with a shingle that looks different, even if just from natural aging+
  • Small patches to fundamentally flawed structural issues means the issues may still exist and come back another day
  • It may be that a full replacement was needed but put off for cost due to concerns or problems with insurance funding

Be sure to have your commercial property inspected by trained and certified experts.
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Roof Replacement

Commercial steep slope roofs are easy to maintain, energy efficient, and a cost effective choice in most cases as asphalt/composite shingles are the norm. Though you can have any residential roofing company look at your roof, it’s always best to have a company that deals in commercial property work with you. Why? Roofing system manufacturers give reassurance via accreditation for those who are pros when it comes to larger commercial properties. This impacts both the quality of workmanship and the level of warranty that backs up the new roof. The following reasons, benefits, and cons to replacing a roof go in line with choosing a certified Master Elite Contractor like Roofing Annex.

Reasons having a full replacement:

  • Aesthetics – The old roof just looks dated or off in color
  • Age – Asphalt shingles from 30 years ago were never expected to last more than that
  • Defective product – there have been many brands with series that failed long before expected
  • Defective installation – Poor construction is usually the result of choosing poor roofing system products and or installing them with substandard techniques or fasteners
  • A weather event(s) ruined the integrity of the roofing system
  • Fire and “acts of God”

 Benefits to tear-off and replacement:

  • Boost to curb appeal
  • Peace of mind via an excellent product warranty
  • Manufacturer back workmanship
  • Added property value in some cases but a 100% ROI can be expected
  • Technology advancements mean a roof that should outlast the prior one
  • Possible insurance coverage for the replacement
  • Minimal downtime with a well-organized commercial roofing pro

Problems with choosing to replace the entire roof:

  • It may cost a great deal more if it comes out-of-pocket
  • It may be hard to work around schedules to accomplish