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The many benefits of commercial roof maintenance plans all center around the fact that they produce a high return on investment. The ROI in question is based on the healthy longevity of monitored roofs versus short lived or problematic roofing systems and the high cost of repairs and replacement. Protecting an investment against dilapidation has intrinsic value.

The Top 6 Benefits of a Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan

  • Be Safe with Semiannual Inspections

The core of the maintenance plan is the semiannual inspection as well as storm monitoring. In our market, Roofing Annex knows that Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus can see extremes in a year from snow, heavy rain, high winds, and large hail. Depending on the roof type (steep slope shingles, flat EPDM, Foam, TPO, etc.) these elements can be quite problematic. Our Haag Certified inspectors are storm trained in storm damage forensic. Most damage is systemic with all roofing system types. A proper diagnosis will save property owners untold dollars.

  • Avoiding Insurance Claim is Saving Money

The insurance rate of a commercial roofing system is reflected by the diligence you put into maintaining it. The more claims that a battered roof needs to have filed, the more the rate will climb up. Depending on the insurer, a maintenance plan from a well certified roofing company can decrease insurance rates through timeline documentation of inspections. This can mean a savings that pays for the maintenance plan plus some! A bi-annual inspection and proper insurance claim advocacy from a commercial roofer can produce less and more effective claims.

  • Small Repairs Costs Less than Water Damage

Commercial roofing is not a single piece, it is a coordinated system to prevent leaks and protect your business. It includes flashing, mechanical and chemical fastening, insulation, drainage and more. Any good roof can be made better by having a reliable commercial roofing partner to keep your business safe. Seeing to the repair and upkeep of all of the parts that comprise a roofing system will head off water leaks which can wreak untold damage.

  • Replacement May Be a Good Diagnosis

If an inspection ends in the result of a full roof replacement there may be hidden benefits. A maintenance plan will keep a strong timeline of photos and notes about a roof and its proper upkeep. Should disaster strike and a roofing system is compromised by something like a collapse due to snow weight or product failure, your commercial roofer will likely be able to help effectively. From insurance claim handling to make emergency repairs they will get the property in working order much more quickly and effectively than hiring someone that doesn’t know the roof. With proper documentation, Mother Nature takes the blame and a roof may get replaced for nothing more than a deductible payment.

  • Prevention = Savings

A maintenance contract with a skilled commercial roofing contractor typically pays for itself by preventing damage.  Most property managers/owners agree that heading off possible problems is a good bet. This includes implementing better drainage components, building up sealants in low lying areas, adding more rock to built-up roofs, replacing rusted out vents, and replacing the small stuff that looks like it may fail before it actually has.

  • Long Life = Big Savings

As we stated in the beginning, a maintenance plan is all about avoiding the inevitable replacement. Adding years of useful life to a commercial roof lowers the average yearly investment of the roof. Spending small amounts to steadily maintain a roofing system and accomplish all the above is a major savings to any property owner.


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