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Ever hear the expression, “Too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth?” It sort of applies to home exterior renovations, too. One contractor installing a new roof, a separate one installing exterior siding, and yet another contractor putting in replacement windows and doors could result in a mishmash of material types and craftsmanship techniques being used.

While it’s important to get various quotes for the work you need done from several different contractors, sometimes it’s best to go with the company that can do all phases of the project. We can think of five advantages of using a full service residential services contractor, such as the Roofing Annex:

#1 – Pricing Advantages

Residential general contractors are awarded deep discounts on materials from their suppliers because of their business volume. These savings are passed on to you. In addition, many full service home and restoration contractors are certified by certain manufacturers to install their products, giving you additional savings in manufacturer-direct warranties and guarantees.

#2 – More Informed Consultations

When using multiple contractors, you’re going to receive lots of bids, but you might not know how well the price comparisons match up to each other. On the other hand, by using one contractor, you can compare apples to apples, so to speak. For example, you will know whether the price quote was for a more expensive roofing material that requires little maintenance and lasts longer or a less costly roofing type that doesn’t last as long and has associated maintenance costs.

At the Roofing Annex, we’re all about providing our clients with in-depth information so they can make an informed decision. We just don’t quote you prices, we take the time to explain the materials you are purchasing, such as their lifespan, energy-efficiency, required maintenance, eco-friendly features, etc. That way, you can decide your best cost-effective option based on the value of your home and its age.

#3 – One Firm, Better Accountability

For each of the contractors you are considering hiring, you need to be sure each has a tax identification number and a business license number, and provides you with copies of contractor’s liability coverage and worker’s compensation insurance certifications, examples of completed projects and client references.

But if you work with only one residential renovation company, gathering the necessary credentials are more manageable. You’re also able to thoroughly research the home renovation firm with the Better Business Bureau, know who will be showing up at your home to do the work and when, and keep track of the work being done.

What’s more, for homeowners using one roofing and restoration company, it means one point of contact for regular maintenance, warranties, guarantees and resolving any materials or workmanship issues. That’s much more manageable than having to keep records and contact information on multiple contractors.

#4 – More Well-Rounded Experience

Proven craftsmanship is another advantage of having your roofing, siding, gutters, downspouts, windows and doors installed or renovated by the same contractor. For example, here at the Roofing Annex, our contractors are certified installers and have years of experience, both hands-on and through continuing education to stay current on new products and techniques. Plus, our project managers are certified by two of the largest roofing manufacturers.

#5 – Better Project Coordination

With a complete residential services contractor, one project manager is overseeing all components of the entire project. That results in a streamlined process that is less disruptive for the homeowner.

For example, as a full service restoration company, the Roofing Annex is able to provide our clients with a more well-rounded perspective of the project on a whole. One person is ensuring that the:

  • Types of materials complement the home’s style;
  • The quality of all materials is consistent;
  • The work is being done on schedule;
  • Workmanship is being done to proper specs so as not to void any warranties.

We’ve Got You Covered

The Roofing Annex is your one-stop source when it comes to your exterior home needs. For roofing, siding, windows, doors, gutters, downspouts, sheet metal work and copper work, we’ve got you covered! Contact us today and get started on your home project with a reputable, all-in-one residential services company.

As we like to say, “We’re On Top Of It All.”