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2015 Storm Damage Issues

Most homeowners are unaware of one simple yet imperative fact when it comes to storm damage…

…Insurers give 6 to 12 months to file a claim!

Most folks have no idea they even have damage until the following cold or wet season if not further down the road because the majority of storm damage takes time to reveal itself. It’s rare that a large (2+”) hailstone can puncture a shingle but it can happen. Roofs lose their ability to shed water effectively if hail removes too many granules. What may appear to be cosmetic, and not insurance claim worthy, may in fact be the opposite. Wind can be very obvious with patched or strips of shingle blown off or dangling. However, in most cases shingles don’t show their wind damage all too easily. There may be large areas that cling together but not to the roof itself. These shingles are just waiting for the next big storm to break free. Then there are those that may just slightly appear to wave and ripple. This can be due to a host of reasons and wind is usually the main factor.

Insurance companies do want to help those who are looking at greater systemic damage – even if it’s not clear that there is currently a water leak/damage. They do cover themselves by having a time period to file a claim. Policies vary from 6 months to 18 months from the date of a storm. The vast majority are 1 year. This may sound like a fair window but most homeowners don’t even get a roof exam unless they see apparent damage or noticeable leaking.

At Roofing Annex we keep entire neighborhoods informed about the status of the type of damage we’re finding due to a particular storm. Keeping homeowners apprised of the risks and the deadline to file is a claim.

2015 was the year of wind storms. In both of our markets served, Chicago and Cincinnati’s suburbs, there were multiple widespread wind storms with gust over 45 mph and even some small tornadoes. Hail did factor in but only in isolated pockets. Hail needs to be over an inch in diameter to actually harm a roof and only at 2 inches on up will you see severe damage.

Hail Damage in Your Area

Cincinnati saw isolated hail only twice where the hail ranged from 1 to 2½ inches. April 9th and August 3rd. Swath showed that the April storm centered on Delhi while the August storm centered on Beckett Ridge. Each spread out from east to west.

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Chicagoland also saw high winds and some hail on April 9th as well. The main storm front for hail struck on August 2nd with residual hits in the early AM of the 3rd.

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