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The Midwest had seen mostly wind storms thus far for 2015… that all ended this August. The system that kicked up on the 1st blew into the Chicago on the 2nd where it consequently picked up some headlines with its wrath. It unleashed 1 to 2+ inch hail and a few small tornados in Chicagoland during many outdoor events. By August 3rd the same weather pattern came to the Cincinnati area where more large hail, as large as 2.25 inches wide, would be driven by winds in excess of 45 MPH. Liberty Township, Mason, and West Chester, would take some of the biggest hits in Ohio before the storm moved on. The eastern seaboard would feel the storm as well but without as much hail.

Roofs Would Suffer Most in the Wake of the August Hail Damage to Mason & West Chester, Ohio

Roofing Annex, known for its Storm Damage Services, received dozens of call by the morning after the hail storm. Calls poured in about leaking roofs in Mason, a Liberty Township broken tree limb in an attic, a few missing asphalt shingles in West Chester, and a whole lot of worry about what the thunderous hail had done to roofs from all over the region. In the days since, our roof inspectors have been busy fielding the call that continue to come.

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The following images and accounts from our own company headquarter town of West Chester shows just what sort of damage can occur when 2 inch hail hits.

Hail collected by our West Chester oofice manager on August 3, 2015

Roofing Annex’s office manager went out and picked up a few hailstones after the coast was clear. Many of the hailstones hovered just around the 2 inch mark.

Our inspections have been turning up hail damage mostly in Hamilton, Liberty Township, Mason, and West Chester while old and new wind damage is wide-spread in the Cincinnati Region to Dayton region.

Hail impact marks on a West Chester, OH roof

From our first few roof inspections in West Chester we saw that this hail damaged siding, roofs, cars, and plenty more. The eastern sloped roofs of many homes were lit up the most because they created a direct 90 degree angle to the hail trajectory which creates an ultimate impact.


The Storm Swath Shows August Hail Damage to Mason, West Chester, Hamilton, Liberty Township, and More

HailWatch™ provides various storm tracking and aftermath data that many use to understand storm zones, patterns, and much more. Roofing Annex looks for data like hail size and wind speed to determine the likelihood of damage in an area. Roof size, age, and the type of shingle (brand & make) play in to this. We use this information to help better inform homeowners of their risk level.

Take a look at “storm swath” above of the August 3rd storm. Unfortunately the wind data doesn’t show on it but wind speeds spikes ranged from 40 to 58 MPH in the region. A roof over 12 YO that was hit with 1+” hail should definitely get a roof exam!

Our free roof exam doesn’t just take into account the surface shingles. When one of Roofing Annex’s HAAG certified storm damage technicians inspects a roof they look at the whole roofing system. Flashings, gutters, vents, skylights, solar panels, chimneys, ridge-caps, insulation, and other attached components make up this system and hail can affect most of them.


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5 Star Review for Cincinnati Roofing CompanyFabulous Work!!! Every detail I’d expect and more from a company that touts itself as an “industry leader”. I admit to being difficult to work with due to a need for perfection and I never once felt myself being so… they guided me, listened to me and maintained a totally professional edge continuously.
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