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The Claim Filing Process

The Roofing Annex can handle more than just inspecting your property for storm damage and completing all necessary repairs. We can also help you through the insurance claim process.


Step 1. The Inspection

If damage is noted to your property, your Roofing Annex representative will present detailed photos of such damage and recommend that you file an insurance claim. Your representative will provide you with a 3-Simple Steps form with specific instructions on the claim filing process.

Step 2. Filing the Claim

You will need to call your insurance company and file a claim under the specific storm date or date of loss. If requested, your Roofing Annex representative may be able to perform this task on your behalf. When you report a loss to your insurance company a claim number will be assigned to track the process of your claim. At that time, your insurance agent will forward your file to the appropriate department and an insurance adjuster will be assigned.

Step 3. Confirming the Insurance Inspection Date

After you have filed the claim, in about a week, you will receive a call from an insurance adjuster. This adjuster has been assigned to your claim and will contact you to set up a date and time to inspect your property for storm damage. It is very important that you write down the adjusters name and phone number. Please pass this contact information on to your Roofing Annex Representative. We will then schedule a convenient time and date to inspect your property.

Step 4. Meeting the Insurance Adjuster

It is very important that we are able to meet your insurance adjuster at your property to represent your best interest during the initial inspection. Our goal is to guarantee that your roof and repairs are approved for replacement the day of the inspection. If we cannot meet with your adjuster, it is possible that certain items that should be repaired or replaced may be overlooked, or only a partial repair of your roof may be approved. To avoid such circumstances, your Roofing Annex representative will confirm with you the date and time scheduled to meet with your insurance adjuster.

Step 5. Evaluating Storm Damage with your Insurance Adjuster

During our inspection with your insurance company, your Roofing Annex representative will thoroughly evaluate and review all damaged items on your property with your insurance adjuster. Once necessary repairs are determined, we can then agree on the scope of damage and the approximate cost of repairs. We will provide your insurance adjuster with a detailed roof diagram and estimate. Upon final review by your insurance company, repairs will be approved and a proposed insurance estimate including scope of work will be sent to you. It may take up to 10 days for you to receive your insurance paperwork.

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