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Wind damage is the number one reason for roofing System failure world-wide!

Roofing Annex is ready to confront this issue beyond the scope of an average roofing contractor. Our staff of Restoration Specialists has a background in construction but these experts are not roofers in the hammer and nail sense. Instead they are Haag trained and certified storm damage technicians proficient in the forensics of hail and wind damage to various roofing types, commercial and residential. This means they understand what they are seeing, documenting, reporting beyond the skill set of a physical roofer.

The regions we serve are hot spots for wind damage! Both the Greater Cincinnati area and Chicagoland see multiple wind storms a year. We consider 45 MPH or greater to be a wind storm. Once you hit 60 MPH or greater winds the older roofs (10 years plus) will show signs of damage. We advise anyone in Ohio and Illinois to have a bi-annual roof inspection

You Need a Wind Damage Inspector Looking At Your Roof

Easy – Proper Representation Means an Insurance Claim Will Likely Pass! A Roofing Annex restoration specialist is your BEST bet for protecting your home against both obvious damage and the hard-to-see kind that may be a slower killer. Why? Not only can our Inspectors properly document and report the damage but they guide homeowners through the proper steps of an insurance claim. Then there is our ADOCACY where we meet with the field adjuster to provide concrete proof of the extent of the damage. We know the language in policies and how to work with insurers to find an equitable outcome for your claim. Even when other have failed multiple times, if we believe in the validity of your wind damage claim we will work diligently for a fair settlement. It’s not that your insurer is necessarily looking out for its own interests, denied claims are usually due to a lack of good representation and guidance or the insurance adjuster doesn’t understand the damage or their own policy (Very common). That’s where we come in.

Here’s the kicker… We provide this service for FREE and without an ounce of strong-arming or smooth talking for your business! We only wish to be considered for the work via the submission of our free estimate.

Why you want to hire Roofing Annex to repair your Wind Damage

  • UNDERSTANDING – If we inspected your roof we already understand your roofing system better than any other roofing contractor could.
  • WARRANTIES – We are a Master Elite Contractor with GAF (America’s #1 asphalt shingle manufacturer), a rare designation that allows us to offer their Lifetime Warranty, Systems Plus, at no cost to you. If you want to upgrade to the best Lifetime warranty in the country, the Golden Pledge, we are able to provide the level of installation perfection it takes. Learn More
  • TRUST – Roofing Annex has one of the best reputations out there! Google our reviews and you’ll see that we are a 5 Star company with rave reviews everywhere! The Better Business Bureau gave us an A+ in Cincinnati, Dayton and Chicago!
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – Unlike other residential roofing companies, Roofing Annex assigns a Project Manager to every repair and full replacement job. This highly trained individual will be at your home making sure every detail of construction is managed and reviewed for quality control and accountability. They communicate with the homeowner, foreman, crew, and neighbors to make sure that everyone is informed and on the same page. If there is an issue come build day our homeowners have someone to talk to that can handle just about any request, complaint, or question!


Ohio storm damage client video interview. Watch our interview with 700 WLW radio host Scott Sloan. Scott’s home had storm damage so he turned to the pros at roofing annex for help.

 Think you have wind damage?

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Spring is the most tumultuous season for wind storms in Ohio and Illinois. Thunderstorms typically see wind speeds over 45 MPH with hail over half an inch and hard driven rain that finds its way into every crevasse.

Wind damage is the big issue this year with a collection pure wind storms throughout Ohio with a great deal of emphasis on Columbus in particular. Dayton and the Greater Cincinnati area have seen plenty of wind as well as hail from a storm on April 9th. Wind and hail have also affected much of the western and northern Chicago suburbs on April 9th as well.

Roofing Annex inspectors are finding plenty of missing singles, missing ridge caps, cracked shingles, and loose shingles due to the constant abuse.

Take a look at recent wind damage images from this Spring’s storms

Maxwell Drive Mason OH wind Damage

Wind torn shingles in Mason, Ohio

Turning Point Lane, Maineville wind damage

Wind damage to newer shingles in Maineville, Ohio.

South Lebanon Wind Damage

Wind battered asphalt roof in South Lebanon, Ohio.

Wind Damage in South Lebanon, Ohio from April 9, 2015 storm

Wind damage known as ruffling or buckling in South Lebanon

Walnut-Creek-Drive-Hamilton, Ohio wind damage cracks

Cracking and granule loss from wind damage in Hamilton, Ohio.

223 Vista Ridge Drive, South Lebanon, OH Wind Damage 2

Missing shingle strips from April winds in South Lebanon, Ohio.

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