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Angie's List Award WinnerOver 3 million people trust Angie’s List to help make the right choice and we’re one of those choices!

Roofing Annex is proud to be a top rated roofing contractor serving the Cincinnati area by Angie’s List clients. Since 2010 we’ve helped homeowners in West Chester, Loveland, Maineville, Montgomery, Dayton, Indian Hill, Mason, Liberty Township and so many other towns/communities. From roof inspections to repairs and full replacements our reviews have qualified us as a Super Service Award Winner.

Angie’s List Customers Get the Best in Cincinnati, Ohio

With so many low grade and problematic roofing contractors in the area, having the backing of Angie’s List members has made Roofing Annex sustain its success. Angie’s List analysis indicates that 600+ of the roughly 820+/- roofers working in the Cincinnati to Columbus market should be avoided! Poor workmanship, bad reviews, crooked operations, lack of proper warranties and worse have qualified these individuals and companies as being a bad choice.

It’s important to note that if you’re an Angie’s List member you know the value in being able to cut to the chase and find the right roofer for the job. We hope you’ve just found your solution! As a member you’ll be able to take advantage of rare special deals and promotions we offer.

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Need to Know More About What We Offer?

Why dig around this website when we can tell you more about Roofing Annex right here?!

First and foremost, Roofing Annex is a GAF Master Elite® roofing Contractor. This title alone makes bare the seal of trust and added value in the form of lifetime warranties. Should you need a full replacement we can deliver a better product and expert installation than 97% of those 220 other roofing companies in the Cincinnati area!

Secondly, our restoration specialists are HAAG Engineering trained and certified as storm damage technicians. Most roofers do not hold this type of certification in hail and wind damage forensics. Should you have concerns about or issues pertaining to a storm, most roofers will simply try to bill you for the work and avoid insurance claims all together. At Roofing Annex we work with insurers to expedite claims and get approvals for maximum dollars. The best part about our inspection, consultation, and insurance claim advocacy services is that we offer them free of charge.

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Exterior Home Restoration Specialties:

  • Small Repairs (Leaks Fixes, Patches, etc.)
  • Maintenance Plans (Annual Exams & Prevention)
  • Cleaning  (Power Wash, Gutter Cleaning, etc.)


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