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Why Metal Roofs Are Becoming Popular

Posted on August 6, 2013

A metal roof on a home is becoming a common sight

Here’s a bit of trivia for all you history buffs out there. The first metal roof appeared in 970 B.C. on a temple in Jerusalem. The roofing material was later used on majestic architectural wonders like the Pantheon in Rome and Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Today, we’re seeing a surge in metal roofs installed on homes, with much of the popularity attributed to metal’s sizeable return on investment.

Metal Construction News reports that the number of homes with metal roofs has tripled in the past decade, increasing from three percent in 1998 to 10 percent in 2012. Furthermore, a report by the Cool Metal Roofing Coalition states that residential metal roofing continues to gain in popularity faster than any other roofing product. In research studies conducted by the Metal Roofing Alliance, 47 percent of all households consider metal roofing, with metal roofs the second choice among homeowners who need to reroof their homes.

5 Main Reasons Metal Roofs Are Popular

  1. Energy efficiency. Metal roofs fit the definition of a cool roof. Cool metal roofing minimizes heat on a roof by reflecting the sun’s UV rays. In cold weather, cool metal roofs provide insulation, lowering heating costs. Year round, the interior of a home with a metal roofing system remains at a comfortable temperature, thus reducing heating and cooling costs. Tests conducted by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory show energy savings upwards of 40 percent.
  2. Eco-friendly. A metal roof is considered a green roofing material because it is recyclable, reusable, sustainable and virtually maintenance free. Homeowners also find metal roofing materials a healthier option over petroleum-based asphalt shingles.
  3. Longevity. A metal roofing system is extremely durable, with most lasting three or more times longer than the popular asphalt shingle. Unlike other roofing types, the longevity of a metal roof is not diminished by heat and humidity or extreme temperature changes. And if you’re worried about rust or corrosion, a standard steel substrate coating eliminates these problems.
  4. Performance. Compared to other types of roofing, home metal roofs have a high UL certification rating for resistance against wind, hail impact, fire, mold, mildew, algae and freeze/thaw cycles. A metal roof also diffuses an electrical charge from a lightning strike.
  5. Wide Array of Options. The versatility of metal makes it an ideal roofing product. Metal roof choices include a variety of finishes, colors, textures, shapes and styles.

A Smart Investment Long Term

Although there are less expensive roofing shingle options than metal, the return on investment of a residential metal roof over the long term is greater. For example, metal roof lifecycle costs are low for maintenance, upkeep and replacement. A metal roof lasts 50-plus years compared to 15 years for an asphalt shingle roof, so homeowners with metal roofs save an estimated 65 percent in total lifecycle costs compared to asphalt roofing.

Your Source for Metal Roofing Options

The Roofing Annex installs all types of metal roofing systems, including steel, stone coated steel, aluminum, titanium, zinc, stainless steel, copper and metal alloys. We also offer metal roof panels that resemble the look of cedar shakes, clay tiles, slate and asphalt shingles.

With so many styles and types to choose from, the Roofing Annex can help you narrow down your choices to those that best fit your home’s design and architectural features. If you’re considering a metal roofing system for your home, call or email us and we’ll schedule a free in-home consultation to review your options and prices. 

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