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“We were very pleased with our recent Roofing Annex experience. The Roofing Annex professionals were always in contact with us concerning the roofing and siding process. They were open to our feedback and made every effort to provide us with the materials we requested in a very timely fashion. They took care of every detail throughout the process!”

- Susan Huber


Windows certainly define a space, giving your home a distinct look and style while providing optimal performance and security. Whether you’re looking to update your home or replacing windows damaged by storm activity, the Roofing Annex has the right fit.


Picture Windows

Also commonly referred to as “fixed” windows, picture windows are the most secure and energy efficient option as they do not open. The primary function of a picture window is to allow light into the home and provide a portal through which to view the outside. Picture windows are available in almost any size and shape―allowing unlimited creativity in their design to accent your space.

Single-Hung Windows

One of the most economic options, single-hung windows provide similar simplicity to picture windows, yet allow for the bottom sash to open for venting when you decide to let the outside air in. With fewer moving parts than their counterpart―the double-hung window―the single hung is the definition of simplicity.

Double-Hung Windows

If a fully functional window is what you desire, the double-hung windows available on the market today are the epitome of functionality. Double-hung windows allow both sashes to be opened and closed independently of each other to allow a variety of options for venting your living space. Available in a multitude of sizes, colors, and other options, double-hung windows are the ideal choice if designing windows to fit any style or decorating scheme is your goal.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows provide similar functionality to the double-hung window with the only significant difference being―sashes are side by side and glide past each other horizontally rather than stacked vertically. Sliding windows make a convenient option when there is limited access to operate the window. This type of window provides similar custom options to double-hung windows.

Casement Windows

The window most commonly used in hard to reach places such as over sinks, countertops, and appliances is the casement window. Casement windows consists of a single sash hinged on one side and are mechanically opened by turning a handle. The advantage of casement windows is their hinged opening which helps bring the outside breeze into your home.

Awning Windows

The drawback of all other windows is that they do not perform well when left open during light to moderate rain―the awning window is specifically designed to be the solution. Awning windows are hinged on top and open outward allowing air to flow freely. The most common area used when installing awning windows is over other windows or doors.


Window Options

Today’s window manufacturers are constantly developing and testing new technologies to improve the look and performance of the windows available. Options such as frame material, exterior frame color, interior frame color, glass, grids, and options concerning home security allow you to customize the windows for your home.

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Kolbe & Kolbe

Contact the Roofing Annex today to meet with one of our qualified representatives to discuss the options available for your home and how we can replace the windows you have with the windows you want!


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