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How To Prepare for Roof Installation Day

Posted on August 26, 2013

You’ve selected a type of roofing material, chose a shingle color, reviewed the scope of the project and its cost, and selected the Roofing Annex to install your new roof. So what can you expect on the day of installation? Here’s a checklist about the reroofing process to help answer any last-minute questions you may have.

Preparing Your Home

Getting a new roof is considered a construction project, so your home will be a construction site for a day or so. We’ll most likely be stripping off your existing roofing, so there will be debris falling from the top of your house. However, our roof installers try to keep the area as neat and clean as possible. Nevertheless, we recommend taking these steps to prepare your home for its new roof:

  1. Remove or cover any outside lawn and garden decor, potted and hanging plants, etc.
  2. Using bright colored tape, visibly mark your in-ground sprinkler system and any valuable landscaping/plants and point them out to the project supervisor before work begins.
  3. Put your vehicles in the garage or on the street, away from the work area.
  4. Inside your home, secure any loose fixtures or hanging objects on ceilings and walls, or anything that could fall and break, such as a vase on an unsteady end table. We’re going to be doing a lot of repetitive hammering which could make the structure of your home shake and cause hanging or unsteady objects to fall.
  5. Cover things in your attic with sheets or a large covering to contain dust and debris that may fall in from cracks in the roofing sheathing as we’re stripping your roof.
  6. If you have pets, you might want to make plans for them to be elsewhere. The loud banging involved with installing a roof might not be pleasant for some pets.
  7. We’ll need an outside electrical source, so make sure yours is in working condition or let us know beforehand if there are any problems. We can also run an electrical cord from your garage, or from a door or window in your house.

Should You Stay Home?

It’s not necessary for you to be home while we install your new roof. As long as we have a phone number where we can contact you, we recommend that you follow your normal daily routine.

We like to get started on the job early, but we’ll work with you on the best start time so as not to disrupt your morning routine. If you decide to remain at home, you should know that the banging atop your roof can get pretty loud. Also, please be careful going in and out of your house, especially if you have children. Remind them that care needs to be taken around the construction zone.

How Long Until Completion?

Typically, it takes about two days to install a new roof, but it could be longer depending on the size of your home and its architectural features. It might also take less time, like just a few hours, depending on the scope of the project and whether or not existing roof layers need to be removed.

Once your new roof is installed, we will clean up the grounds and use a magnetic sweep on the driveway and grounds to capture any fallen nails. Once cleanup is complete, we’re ready to show you your new roof and answer any questions you may have. Of course, you can contact the Roofing Annex at any time with any questions you may have about your new roof. We’re always glad to hear from you and appreciate that you chose us to be your roofing solution.

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