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“We were very pleased with our recent Roofing Annex experience. The Roofing Annex professionals were always in contact with us concerning the roofing and siding process. They were open to our feedback and made every effort to provide us with the materials we requested in a very timely fashion. They took care of every detail throughout the process!”

- Susan Huber

Exterior Siding Finishes

Much like the roof on your home, the wall surfaces must have an exterior finish to shed water and protect your home from the elements. There are several different materials and styles of exterior finishing systems available―all of varying durability, aesthetics, and cost. Your home’s exterior, when installed properly, is a layered system with each component serving a very specific purpose.

Stone & Brick

Stone and brick are beautiful, low maintenance options that require a substantial initial investment and provide excellent longevity and durability. When properly installed with the necessary flashings and underlayment, stone and brick will need minimal maintenance over their lifetime for continued function, beauty and charm.

Wood Siding

For centuries, wood has been used as a premier exterior cladding due to it’s acceptance as a sustainable building material that is renewable and readily available; it can be milled to almost any shape and specification. The only drawback to wood siding is that it is susceptible to rot and water damage. To preserve exterior wood, proper maintenance and inspections must be done, including the resealing or repainting of wood surfaces every 5-7 years. Diligence in maintaining your wood siding is imperative to prevent costly replacement of large sections of siding.    

Fiber Cement Siding    

What product combines the durability and longevity of stone or brick with the aesthetics of wood siding? Fiber cement siding provides the best of both worlds―stylish colors and patterns available in a material that does not rot, decay, or swell. Cement siding is an upgrade from premium vinyl siding or wood siding and is installed in a similar fashion. One drawback to cement board siding is weight and special consideration must be taken prior to converting from lighter weight products.

Preferred Products:
Hardie Plank Siding

Certainteed Fiber Cement Siding

GAF WeatherSide Siding

Metal Siding

Aluminum and steel siding are the most common exterior claddings that are replaced by the Roofing Annex due to their poor resistance to impact. Though these metal sidings do provide a sense of security, they are inferior products. Metal siding is easily dented, the enamel finish chalks and easily scratches leaving exposed metal—availability is also limited to only a few styles and colors. Aluminum and steel siding are commonly replaced with premium vinyl siding.

Vinyl Siding

The common stigma of vinyl siding is that it is an inferior product used by new home builders and that vinyl siding is thin, cheap, brittle and goes on wavy. In reality, many of the problems associated with these stigmas are not due to the siding itself, but rather, improper installation. With significant improvements in the quality and colors available, there is a vinyl siding for everyone. Siding panels range in thickness from .038” to .054” and some are available with foam insulation backers. Vinyl sidings are tested rigorously for performance and are warranted against fading, wind and hail. Warranties on existing vinyl siding can also transfer to new homeowners.  

Preferred Products:
Royal Dura Plank
Royal Woodland

Certainteed Monogram 46

Royal Journeymen Select


Providing similar appearance characteristics to stone and brick, stucco is a cement-like coating that is applied over a wire mesh and forms a seamless textured wall surface. Stucco is available in a multitude of colors and varying textures to achieve a custom look. Installation of stucco is a tedious process and requires extensive experience to properly install and ensure that desired durability and function is achieved.

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