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“We were very pleased with our recent Roofing Annex experience. The Roofing Annex professionals were always in contact with us concerning the roofing and siding process. They were open to our feedback and made every effort to provide us with the materials we requested in a very timely fashion. They took care of every detail throughout the process!”

- Susan Huber

Certified Hail Damage Inspectors

Hail damage is known as the most treacherous form of roof distress. Only in rare cases does it cause leaking immediately. It ofter takes months to years to notice the effects of hail damage. This is due to lack of proper inspection and season shift as the most dangerous hailstorms occur in the spring which is followed by the dry summer.

Cetrified Hail Damage Inspectors

The Certified Hail Damage Inspectors™ at the Roofing Annex know how to properly document and assess this damage under Haag standards as well as our own. Our inspectors have gone through the Haag program and learned to assess damage to all major types of roofing systems. They are then well versed in inspection safety, roof area calculations, codes and industry standards, and weather characteristics. For each roofing type, our inspectors understand installation, weathering, hail damage, wind damage, maintenance, mechanical damage, and repair costs. Secondly, we assess ourselves because we are always using the latest technology and storm damage is our specialty. Thus our inspectors are regularly educated internally, given the best tool (iPads, EagleView, Safety Kits, etc.) and have superiors review their work regularly.

Inspecting for Hail Damage

Accurate assessment of hail damage is a step by step process that involves a close examination of the roof shingles as well as other objects on and around the roof.


We quantify hail damage to a roof through the use of test squares. The number of hail damaged shingles are counted in each test square on each directional roof slope and that number determines whether the roof slope is repaired or replaced based on a mathematical formula. Recently exposed asphalt appears black or unweathered, whereas asphalt exposed for several months oxidizes forming a surface film that is a grey color. This color difference is one way to tell new hail damage from old hail damage.

We then take photos and present our finding to our client. These same finding are of the utmost quality to file a claim with.

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