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Big ticket items like electronics and household machines come with manufacturer warranties that last 5 years or less. These things get human use, wear and tear, but the reality is that they are not built to last. Then you have things like cars, heavy-duty machinery, and roofs that are meant to be in operation for a long haul. Roofs however don’t get human interaction. Roofing systems are at Mother Nature’s whim as well as at the will of the manufacture that seeks to produce long lasting products. A great roof warranty is very important because it shows us that manufacturers have faith in their products to last the ravages of time.

The shingles made today have been lab tested to last 25 to 50+ years of natural decay. Luckily, extreme events that Mother Nature hurls at a roof can likely be paid for with insurance. Hence, that’s another subject.

Because a roof installation involves more than just shingles, this home improvement is costly in both time and labor. The roofing system itself has many parts to it which raises the material cost as well. The under layers are every bit as important as the shingles you see and a great roof warranty will be able to cover 50 years because the installers used the correct materials outlined by the shingle manufacturers.

What a Great Roof Warranty Offers

1.) A great roof warranty offers protection against material defects. You’ll want a roof system that can take on the harsh elements without failing. The materials used for this play a key role in its performance and longevity. Once it starts showing signs of premature wear and tear, it might compromise your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. That’s where an excellent manufacturer warranty comes in, which includes coverage on material defects. This provides an extra layer of protection to your investment if your shingles start to fail long before they should.

What are the parts of a roofing system?

2.) A long coverage period is a must. Dimensional shingles should have a 50 year warranty available, otherwise you’re buying a subpar shingle. 3-Tab shingles typically don’t come with warranties over 25 years. 3-Tab shingles are less expensive to buy and installation time is slightly less but overall savings don’t equate to ROI dollars for home sellers or those looking to stay in their home for more than 25 years.


3-Tab shingles, like you see above, are an appropriate price for a shingle that rarely lasts 20 years but there isn’t any real benefit to this as that cost applies to just the product which isn’t always that much less than a stronger dimensional shingle. 3-Tabs are an overall poor investment.

Great Roof Warranty Cincinnati

A great roof warranty should cover a product for more than 30 years. Some brands look like others but if the warranty doesn’t stand for quality you may be looking at something like this. Early deaths look like this. Faulty and cheap shingles like Atlas’ Chalet series didn’t see 10 years of use in many instances.


Dimensional shingles can come in a variety of looks and thicknesses. Although designer shingles like GAF’s Camelot II (above) are costlier, the overall price is extremely less than cedar shake, and slate roofing while giving added protection that comes with thicker asphalt shingles.

3.) A warranty is insurance against poor workmanship. With a great roof warranty, you can avoid the stress and additional costs involved with improper installation. These warranties have coverage that protects you from flaws in the installer’s workmanship. Roofing companies usually carry a workmanship guarantee that may vary on the period of coverage (5-15 years). A good warranty will back that up for 3 years of installer flaws. This is because most issues come to light in the first year and an estimated 75% of all installer related problems are obvious within 3 years.

Because 70% of roofing companies don’t stay in business more than 8 years their warranties aren’t always a safe guard against their work. That’s why top tier warranties, like GAF’s Golden Pledge, are important for those who want the ultimate peace of mind. This warranty covers labor issues for 25 years! It also makes the warranty transferable which gives a potential home seller a great bonus and possible rise in home value

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Choosing the Best Shingles Should Depend on Who Has the Best Roof Warranty

A great roof warranty can be found if you know where to look. Our insider’s guide deals with the most popular roofing choice, dimensional asphalt shingles. Hence, we can tell you that the largest manufacturers have the best R&D to produce shingles that do what’s promised and back them up with the best roof warranties. GAF, CertainTeed, and Owns Corning offer just that. When it comes to extended warranties offered by manufacturer certified roofing contractors, there is no better than GAF’s Golden Pledge Lifetime Warranty. Only 3% off all roofing companies carry the title of GAF Master Elite™ contractor which means the contractor is certified to install a roof to spec and have it inspected by a GAF quality control representative.

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