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When it comes to siding repair questions, most homeowners we service in the Cincinnati and Chicago regions stick to a half dozen concerns. Answers vary little among our team of home exterior restoration professionals but the following should help point you in the right direction.

Allow us to Answer Real Siding Repair Questions from Our Pre-Clients:

Q: Is it Better to Repair or Replace my Damaged Siding? – Jonathan Kersner of West Chester OH

Is there a section of your siding that is rotting, falling off, hail pocked or breaking? With the amount of hail, wind, sun, and especially rain that we see in the Midwest, it’s no surprise that we have a good deal of siding failure. Sometimes problems arise due to roof leaks, poor installation, age, and faulty products but generally Mother Nature is to blame.  Damaged siding allows water, air, dirt, and pests to get inside the home. These issues are disastrous regardless of the season and lead many to question whether they should repair or replace their damaged siding. Although it may seem easier to just patch the affected area(s), this is not going to be the most beneficial solution. The experts at Roofing Annex will assess every situation via inspection first, however we’ve found that if there is an issue it’s usually systemic and replacement is necessary. If the problem isn’t systemic it may be a matter of matching a defunct product that requires a totally new product. Two inch plus hail is also a factor that causes a lot of grief. Depending on the type of siding and severity, hail damage may be minor superficial repairs, but in most cases it has weakened seams or ruined the integrity of the surface. Hail can be a killer but repairing it can often be paid for through your insurer.

Q: What are the Product and Workmanship Warranties Like for Siding? – Kristin Michelle of Mason, OH

This is a very common question. Verify that your contractor is fully aware of the product and workmanship warranties that may come with all the material you’re looking to use for your restoration or renovation project. The experts at Roofing Annex will provide a 5-year warranty on the craftsmanship that is commonplace and we’ll attempt to guide our clients in picking products we trust and come with a strong manufacturer’s warranty. As a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor we are big fans of GAF’s WeatherSide™ Fiber-Cement Siding and are happy with many other products.

Siding Repair Questions - Repairs in Mason, Ohio

Roofing Annex installs vinyl siding to home in Mason, Ohio. Craftsman is cutting the next piece to be nailed in place.

Siding Repair Questions about siding types

GAF’s siding options are a great place to start your hunt for that perfect fit for your home. This wavy pattern, for example, has become popular in Anderson Township.

Q: How Long Will the Project Take? – Philip Myer of Mason. OH

This is the most common of all siding repair questions we get. Weather can always cause delays in completion of your home renovation project. However, you’ll want to avoid a contractor who starts your project and then takes off for a week to work on other projects. Make sure your project will be worked on continuously until it’s complete.

Q: Will Replacing My Siding Increase the Curb Appeal and Value of My Home? – Jane P. of Liberty Township, OH

If you’re looking to sell your home within 2-3 years the biggest advantage to replacing your siding is that you can increase the curb appeal and value of your home immensely. How much? It’s rated in the top 5 curb appeal musts! Even better is the fact that replacing your siding has the best ROI at 80% to 89% depending on the product! Vinyl siding is made to look like wood but maintains a clean, well-kept look that lasts for years to come. You will be able to watch your neighbors continuously repair their siding while yours looks just as great as day one. There are also many style and color options which means you can change the look of your home or maintain its original beauty with no worry of fading colors.

Q: Will My Insurance Pay for Replacing My Hail Damaged Siding? – Martin J. of Indian Hill, OH

Under most policies, insurance companies are required to pay for the direct physical loss caused by a hail storm. This means that if hail damages only one side of your home, then your insurance company is only responsible for the repair or replacement of siding on that damaged side. There is gray area when it comes to 2 or more sides of the home and then there is product matching. The replacement siding has to be the same so if it’s a defunct product there’s a chance you can be looking at a full replacement. This is the perfect scenario to showcase the argument for going to a contractor before talking to your insurance company. Look for a company that specializes in or offers storm damage services.

Q: What do You Consider to be the Best Siding Product? – Emily Matthews of Loveland, OH

As mentioned, we like GAF WeatherSide™ but we do stand behind most vinyl options. Vinyl has captured 33% of the U.S. siding market for new homes, with no end in sight to its growing popularity. The reason, in part, is because it’s typically cheaper than red cedar or redwood and takes less time to install.


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