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Commercial Roofing Client Video

Property Management Firm Owner Review of Project with Roofing Annex

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The following video transcript is here for those who’d rather read it than watch it.

Commercial Property Roof Services ClientGwyn Rotramel: We had to seek out a commercial roofing company for a large scale project for 168 units, and we needed to ensure that we had a company that was efficient, consistent, and stood behind their warranty work.

Ohio Commercial Property Roof Services ContractorChad Janisch: With Apple Property Management and their property at Pebble Creek, we truly went above and beyond to make sure that the residents were taken care of, that there was proper communication with their management team with our management team to make sure there were truly no issues during the replacement of the 22 buildings and 12 garages.

Gwyn Rotramel: They weren’t rushed. They really sat down, and they explained everything from start to finish. They really stand behind their work, and that brought a level of comfort to us because we work on behalf of 168 units particular for this project, so it’s very comforting to know that they are there.

Chad Janisch: Communication is extremely important to make sure that our staff members truly communicate with the management company, but we also need to communicate with the residents so that everyone is on the same page as to what we’re doing, when we’re doing it, and how we’re doing it to make sure everything goes smoothly, quickly, and efficiently.

The CRM software that we’re using helps connect the Roofing Annex, the residents, and the management company with anything that’s going on with the property, whether that’s replacement of an entire roofing system or something as small as repairing a downspout.

Gwyn Rotramel: I would say one statement for Roofing Annex is their daily communication and their professionalism and to ensure that their workmanship was kept at the highest standard. Overall, it really made the whole project seamless.

Chad Janisch: When it comes to care, we exceed expectations here at the Roofing Annex. It’s very important to prep a resident, a homeowner, a management company of what we’re doing, when we’re doing it, and how we’re doing it, and that goes from placing plywood over the windows, taking plastic carts and covering landscaping, putting a note on the door to make you aware of what’s going on and when it’s going on. All these things are truly important to make sure that the residents are not disturbed, that there aren’t any issues, and that it goes smoothly and quickly.

Gwyn Rotramel: We experienced the difference with Roofing Annex from the beginning, the adjusters to the individual residents, their knowledge of the material they’re going to be using, the follow-through to establishing the warranty paperwork. It really sets them aside because they do understand what it takes to get a large project done. It really showed a level of confidence that we had to ensure that this project was going to be completed to the highest standards.

This example of one of our commercial property roof services clients in Mason, Ohio took place last year but we wanted to remind property managers in the Cincinnati area that recent storm damage (April 9, 2015) may have affected their property.

Apple Property Management contacted the contractors at Roofing Annex after a similar hail and wind storm caused leaking in many of the 168 condo units in its Pebble Creek property in Mason. This is the sort of costly problem that arises from 1 of 3 issues:

  • Severe weather on older roofing
  • Improper installation
  • Neglected maintenance

Our HAAG certified storm damage technicians were able to determine that the Pebble Creek roofs had sufficient damage to file an insurance claim. Few roofing companies in Ohio, or anywhere, have a trained staff able to deal with the sort of roof forensics, documentation, and insurance adjuster interfacing to receive a fair settlement or any at all.

Roofing Annex is a GAF Master Elite contractor which means we can offer a lifetime warranty on asphalt roofs like those found on the townhomes in the Pebble Creek community. The property managers chose to us GAF’s #1 shingle; Timberline HD, which when installed by a Master Elite roofer gives the owner a stamp of approval on the installation.

Commercial Property Roof Services to these condos in Mason took place in 2013

For this Mason, Ohio property, our Commercial Property Roof Services included a full property inspection, insurance claim advocacy, and multiple production managers to insure a smooth project.

Commercial Property Roof Services in clude Garages, Siding, and more

The Pebble Creek property included multiple garages in addition to the 168 units and other utility buildings.

Do you Need Commercial Property Roof Services or a Maintenance Plan?

Roofs are really out of sight and out of mind until it’s too late. For that reason we urge property managers in Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton suburbs to hire us as their maintenance roofers on a yearly or bi-annual basis depending on the age and roof type.

THE BEST REASON TO HIRE US… TRUST – Roofing Annex is Cincinnati’s most trusted roofer. Our A+ BBB rating and one hundred 5 Star reviews given to GAF by our clients tells the story. GAF, America’s number one shingle manufacturer, has added us to their President’s Club for our high volume of sales, installation excellence, highest level of customer service, internal ongoing training, and brand trust. Only 3% of roofers can say they’re Master Elite, and able to provide the best warranties, but just 98 roofing companies in the nation can say that they’re a President’s Club Member – the best of the best!

So why not trust your commercial property roof services, repairs or maintenance, to us? From free inspections and estimates to complementary insurance advocacy and lifetime warranties, we’re on top of it all. And for those who want to protect their investment, Roofing Annex provides customizable maintenance plans that can safeguard your property and add value to it by adding longevity.

Property managers in, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton areas, please, call us today to schedule an inspection and or consultation. 513-685-9092