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If you’re looking to refresh or update the style of your home, one way to do it is by changing the color of your siding. One of the nice things about most exterior siding finishes is the flexibility in changing their appearance through color. With so many possibilities, the difficult part is deciding on an exterior siding color. To help you decide, the Roofing Annex offers these color selection considerations and tips.

Exterior Siding Color Considerations

Typically, a home has a minimum of three colors: the siding, the trim and accent features. But multi-level homes or homes with more details and architectural styles can support additional colors, such as two siding or trim colors. This allows you more creativity in choosing a visually appealing home exterior.

When considering colors for your siding, think about how the eye will travel looking at your home. Light colors typically grab the focus first. Also keep your environment in mind. If your home is surrounded by a lot of trees, a bright exterior siding might stick out unnaturally.

Certain color combinations also might make your home look smaller than it actually is. This can be prevented by selecting an exterior siding color that is not a strong contrast to other existing colors on your home. And don’t be afraid of dark colors for your siding, particularly rich colors in regal tones. It can actually make a home look tall and stately.

Color Selection Tips

When looking for ideas or inspiration for a home exterior siding color scheme, you might want to take a ride around your community and look at other homes’ color combinations, browse home decorating e-zines for recommendations for the style of your home, or visit a home improvement store to explore various color palettes. Narrow down your color choices to a top five list and then work from that to decide a final exterior color or color combination.

Here are some other tips to help you with your decision:

  • Select your siding color based on the colors of established elements, such as the roof, trim, entry doors, shutters, garage, etc. For example, if existing exterior elements are gray or white, consider a rich, warm color like burgundy for your siding.
  • For a can’t miss look, choose light shades of neutral colors for the siding, white for trim and structural details, and dark colors for features like shutters.
  • A crisp, modern look can be achieved using the colors of nature, such as blue, green, or earthy brown for the home siding, with accents in white.
  • If your home has strong architectural features, play them up by using a bold exterior siding finish and one or two sharp contrasting colors for trim, accents and other features.
  • If you choose a single color for your exterior siding, you can easily add dramatic flair to your home exterior by selecting an accent color that lies on the opposite end of the color wheel.
  • If you have an older home, consider historical colors for your siding based on the year your home was built. Many historical colors are available in vinyl siding, fiber cement siding and stucco.
  • Don’t worry about matching the home exterior color with the color of your garage. A slight contrast will blend nicely if the siding color is slightly lighter or darker.

We’re Your Exterior Siding Experts

The Roofing Annex installs exterior siding in a variety of different finishes. We’ll help you determine which type of siding is best for your home and provide you with resources to help make the selection of your color and texture options easier.

When you’re ready to remodel the exterior of your home, or if your existing siding needs repairs, simply get in touch with the Roofing Annex to access our expert exterior siding services.


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