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Property Damage, Due to Hail and High Winds, Stayed Clear of Most of the Chicagoland Area on April 9, 2015

Multiple tornados touched down to the west, sparing populated areas. McHenry, Ill., sustained the worst blow, with reported wind speeds of more than 50 miles per hour plus hail topping 1 inch. This combination activates the Roofing Annex Storm Damage Services unit. Older asphalt and cedar-shingled roofs in the McHenry, Ringwood and Johnsburg area have been affected by this combination of hail and wind.

Most damage calls coming in from the storm zone are from homeowners worried about missing ridge caps or new small leaks. Most say that the water damage caused by recent rain is new and small but worrisome. We know that the majority of this “new leaking” was caused by the April storm. Our field representatives are documenting the damage with photos such as those below, which show wind damage coupled with the harder-to-see hail damage that results in leaking. The wind tore the shingle loose enough to flap about while hail tore away at the exposed granules and underlayment. If you see any bit of discoloration on your ceilings, it important to get help fast. We’ve made emergency repairs like the one on the photo below to many roofs to provide some protection until proper repairs or re-roofing can be done.

roof damage in Chicagoland from a McHenry home.

The damage to the McHenry area this spring storm season in Illinois has been more problematic than expected.

Worries About Making It Through the Spring Storm Season in Illinois?

Make a call to a reputable (Better Business Bureau rated and reviewed) roofing contractor that offers storm damage service. Roofers that don’t offer the following services are ill-equipped to be of much help:

Certified Storm Damage Inspection – Look for roofing contractors with HAAG certification in storm damage forensics.

Emergency Repairs – It’s vastly important that those doing the repairs take photos and document the damage prior to patching. Should an insurance claim be deemed necessary, you’ll need a proper exam first. Our tarping and patching solutions will prevent further damage until we can make solid repairs.

Insurance Claim Advocacy – You may very well need guidance through the insurance claim process and with the field adjuster. You’ll want someone who goes to bat for you to maximize the payout on the claim and avoid downgrading.


If you live near McHenry, Ill., or any storm affect areas, and need help or peace of mind, call the experts at Roofing Annex. We service all residential roof types, provide a free lifetime warranty for GAF asphalt shingles, upgrade cedar shakes to 100% Premium Edge Grain (The Best), and deliver the best customer service anywhere. We’re here to turn back the clock on the roof damage to Chicagoland.

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