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Don’t Leave Your Roof to Chance: Hire a Roofing Company Focused on Quality 

The investment in a new roof can be one of the larger upgrades you make to your home. It is also one of the most important. The roof on your home protects the structure from the elements. It aids in energy conservation. It also adds value to your home. It can be an architectural or stylish component as well. For all of these reasons, it is essential to hire the right roofing company. Doing so isn’t just about looking at sample roofing materials.

You can depend on Roofing Annex to provide homeowners in the suburbs of Chicago and Cincinnati with exceptional service, reliable workmanship, and an outstanding finished product. We’re industry leaders in these markets because of the professionalism we provide.

Reality Check

Let’s face it. Most people replace the roof on their home once or twice in their life, if they hire the right company and the best materials are applied correctly.

We believe that the most important component of the roofing investment, then, is in selecting a roofer that focuses on quality.

Many homeowners view the investment in a new roof as a standard procedure. They believe that no matter who they hire for the job, they will get the same quality workmanship and materials. This is one of the biggest misconceptions in the industry. When you hire a roofing company in Chicagoland, IL or the greater Cincinnati area, you simply need to hire one that can offer you more than just a low price.

In some situations, a very low price on a roof replacement is a clear indication that the company is going to do a poor quality job. These types of inferior companies need to move from one job to the next rapidly in order to turn a profit. That means things like quality workmanship are not a focus. Sure, they may do a decent job or they may use name brand roofing materials. Yet, you’ll find your roof isn’t going to last and may not provide proper protection to your home either.


What Are the Most Common Complaints About Roofing Contractors?

If you hire just any company to do the job, you could be one of the many people struggling with these roofing complaints and complications:

  • The roofing staff rushed through the job and left areas exposed or shingles not properly secured.
  • The company does not fall correct installation procedures.
  • The roofers fail to clean up. This could put your child at risk of he or she is running through the yard and steps on a nail left behind.
  • Your landscape is damaged by the roofing company’s poor attention to detail.
  • The company didn’t offer a lot of product options.
  • They did not use proper safety protocols and potentially allowed an accident to occur by one of their employees – causing an insurance claim against your homeowners’ insurance plan.
  • The company disappears without finishing the work.
  • The repairs the roofers made were done poorly leading to repeated needs for additional repairs.


You can depend on Roofing Annex.

Call our technicians today to discuss your specific project and your goals. You’ll get one-on-one help not just from a sales agent, but even our onsite crew and project managers.

When it comes to hiring a professional to do your roof replacement, repairs, or maintenance, you should not have to think twice about these concerns. You should expect to find a company that has extensive experience, incredible dedication, and a solid reputation in the local area. The question is, then, how can you be sure the roofer in Ohio or Indiana is one you can depend on?


How to Hire a True Professional Roofing Contractor in Cincinnati or Chicago

If you are in need of roof repairs, maintenance, storm damage repair, or complete replacement, hire a company that puts a great deal of time into the process. Here’s a tip on how to make this happen. Use only a company that has a designated project manager. This single person has the responsibility of not just helping you get a new roof fast, but to get the project completed professionally and with the highest quality of workmanship.

When you are interviewing professionals, talk to them about their experience in restorations, renovations, and replacements. Discuss how the project will be performed. Does the company offer step by step procedures and processes that the team will follow to ensure your complete satisfaction?

When you work with Roofing Annex you get the very best results. We are Roofing Company Focused on Quality!


What Does a Project Manager Do to Ensure the Job Goes Well?

When you hire a roofing company with a designated project manager, you’ll get a more streamlined, efficient, and effective build. We have very high standards when it comes to our sales team and even our in-house staff. However, we believe the biggest impact in the roofing industry comes from our project managers. We offer our team incredible training and tools to guide them throughout the process. All of this ensures you are getting the very best finished product.

Roofing Annex stands out because our project managers follow very specific requirements for completing the job. Here is what we do to ensure the job goes well and quality is always the most important component in it:

#1: All material and the project scope is reviewed for each project prior to the start. This means that we arrive at your home ready to go. Our project managers know what you expect, what the job details are, and what steps to take to ensure it is done properly.

#2: Our sales rep and project manager work together on the project. There is ample communication throughout the process. This ensures that if there are any areas of concern, questions, or specific details that need to be shared, it is properly and thoroughly shared before the job even gets started.

#3: Our crew is expertly trained and completely educated about the project before they start it. This ensures that any specific concerns or needs are fully communicated before the project starts. The roofing system and warranty is fully explored by the crew before the work gets done to ensure everyone understands the steps to be taken to create a successful project.

#4: There’s a discussion before the project starts with the project manager and the homeowner. We talk about all of the steps you need to take and answer your questions. This ensures that clear communication occurs.

#5: When the installation day arrives, our project managers work with homeowners and the crew throughout the project. We take every step possible to ensure that safety is followed up on. You’ll always get comprehensive support.

#6: We talk about the options with the crew foreman for the job such as how to properly protect the landscaping, minimize risk of debris falling, and ensure all materials are in good condition and ready to go. This can help to ensure the job is ready to start properly.

#7: Project managers monitor the job. We look at every step of the process to ensure is done the way it is supposed to. This can also make a big difference in your satisfaction with the finished project.

#8: We have specific steps that are taken throughout the installation process to monitor for quality workmanship. This is not meant to be a rushed job. While our team is efficient, it also does the work properly. We have very specific guidelines to follow to ensure the job is done to the manufacturers recommendations.

#9: A full walk through is done by the project manager with the foreman on the job. This ensures that, once it is complete, the homeowner can be confident that not just a team of roofers is saying the job is done right but experts in the industry say it is done properly.

#10: We walk through with you, too. It is important to ensure that the job is done professionally and with a goal of providing complete satisfaction for the property owner.


When You Hire Roofing Annex, You Get Results

When you hire our team for fast, reliable workmanship especially after storm damage or hail damage, the job is done properly. Your home is restored to the original condition.

Before you hire Roofing Annex to complete your roof, talk to our sales agents. Discuss all of your needs, concerns, and desired outcome.

  • We handle both commercial and residential roofing in Chicago, IL and Cincinnati, OH.
  • We’re a full-service roofing restoration company.
  • We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • We are over 4 stars on all reviews across the board.
  • We use the latest technology in the field and behind the scenes to ensure your roofing project is completed in an efficient, but thorough manner.
  • We hold top-pedigree designations with all product suppliers.
  • We offer the highest level of manufacturer warranties.
  • We offer financing options.

All of this should provide you with the confidence you need to hire a team that is dedicated to working with you.

We operate throughout the Cincinnati, Ohio and Chicagoland area (Lake County, Cook County, etc.) of Illinois.  When you need roof renovation in Montgomery, OH or you need a new roof in Lemont, IL, you can count on our experts.

Our team follows all safety protocols. We complete the job on time and within budget. Most importantly, you can expect exceptional workmanship from our dedicated team. You can count on Chicago, IL and Cincinnati, OH roofers Roofing Annex for your project needs.

Want to have a roofing expert take a look at your roof? If you live in the Cincinnati or Chicago suburbs you can get a free inspection and consultation from the professionals at Roofing Annex!

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