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Roofing Annex flat out loves paying folks for referrals.
We even created a game for it!

After years of asking for referrals and paying some well-connected people a lot of money, we decided to let our fans know we enjoy saying thanks for the helping everyone involved. The 2015 Roof Exam Challenge was born from this need to boost our voice and the voices that speak for us. We developed tools to do just that for those who join the Challenge; they are given printables, talking points, social post images, email components, and more to help spread the word.

The security that a roof exam brings to those referred is priceless… literally – it’s free!

How does the game work?

Spreading the word is the first step. When those who are referred to us make first contact they are asked how they found out about Roofing Annex… That’s when we collect our participants’ name. From there it’s a short wait until the roof is inspected. Once that box is checked the Challenge participant gets a point added. There are 3 stages/levels at which prizes are awarded, 10, 20, and 30, and each gets a bigger and bigger prize, $2,000 total. The participant with the most points over 50 by July, 1st, 2015 is crowned the winner and receives $5,000 in cash!

Interested in joining the Challenge??? Visit the sign-up page to learn more and register –

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