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Whether you’re about to take on a do-it-yourself project or enlisting professionals to carry out the job, there’s a lot to consider before embarking on a home renovation.

1. Determine What You Want To Accomplish.

Make sure you know what you want. Whether it’s a new bedroom for a new baby or if you want your house to be more Zen, make sure your goals and inspirations guide you through the process.

2. Do Your Research.

Talk to friends who have renovated as well as other renovation and home experts. It’s really important before you embark on the renovation journey that you have a clear understanding of what to expect

3. Budget.

Determining how to divide funds is typically at the top of the list, but allocating how to devote your time is just as important to the process. If you are hiring professionals to do the work, make sure the budget and timeline are understood and agreed to prior to the start of the project.

4. Make The Most Of Your Space.

Take note of any prominent features that distinguish your space, both indoors and out. Example: Does your living room have great natural light or a nice view of your backyard? Make the most of great features that already exist in your home.

5. It’s all in the details.

Thinking big picture should be commended, but details are what can make or break your renovation. For the best turn out- pick out everything BEFORE your renovation starts. Something as simple as a cabinet knob can really decide the look of a room.

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