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Starting a New Year means starting a list of New Year’s resolutions… but what about resolutions for your home?

Often, our homes are the last thing on our minds when it comes to resolutions, but they should be at the top of the priorities list because it’s more than just a house- it’s your home: a nest of space that is all your own. Making your home run smoothly usually leads to a smoother running life, which can help you stick to your other resolutions for the new year.

Get organized.

Didn’t get a chance to add some storage space before the holidays? It’s never too late to create extra space. Simple simple shelving units can be installed in minutes, and regular everyday items can be used to combat clutter.

Start a project.

Give your home that added touch by breathing new life to an otherwise unused room with a new light fixture or coat of paint. It might even pave the way for future home makeovers!

Take inventory.

Appliances stored away can easily be forgotten, so make a list (and check it twice) of any new appliances you received over the holiday and dig through your cabinets to see if there’s anything you’ve forgotten. You might come across something that will be useful in the new year.

Create a maintenance plan.

Create monthly and annual maintenance schedules for your home’s major systems and appliances (such as clean the dishwasher drains to prevent clogs and breakdowns, flush the garbage disposal with water and baking soda to prevent odor and grime, etc.) You’ll save yourself time, money, and headaches down the road.

Have a clean slate… or floor.

No other item in your home can affect the appearance of your home like carpeting. Schedule a carpet cleaning for a fresh start to the year, and have the carpets cleaned every six to twelve months.

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