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Just like every new year brings about new color trends, new fashion trends and new food trends, the roofing industry is no exception with new and exciting roofing styles, materials and colors. Let’s take a look at what’s trending for 2013 in residential roofing.

Hot New Roof Shapes

Arched roofs and curved roofs are the two big roof shape trends in 2013. The Roofing Annex has noticed that arched roofs in particular have been coming on strong over the past few years, but expect their popularity to soar this year.

There are several advantages to arched and curved roofs. For starters, they are architecturally appealing, creating interesting angles. In addition, different textures can be created with roof edge finishing and gutter options. And just about any type of shingle works well with an arched roof.

Another roof style that’s in this year is the Dutch Gambrel with its side slopes, a throwback to 18th century Georgian style.

Green Building Materials Red Hot

Roofing manufacturers continue to push the envelope when it comes to creating eco-friendly roofing materials. In 2013, we’ll be seeing the unveiling of more roofing materials, including roof insulation and roofing panels, that are environmentally friendly.

As more and more consumers opt for green roofs, roof manufacturers are putting more emphasis on delivering clean, recyclable products. For example, a new composite roof insulation product coming to market this year qualifies for LEED certification in that it is made from recycled materials, is free of formaldehyde and ozone-depleting hydrochlorocfuorocarbons (HCFCs) and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), and is 100% recyclable.

Insulated metal roofing panels also will be getting more attention in 2013 because of their residential and commercial versatility and design opportunities, but more importantly, their eco-efficient performance. Insulated metal roof panels are being designed with enhanced thermal performance, thus providing maintenance and energy costs savings.

Different aspects of green roofing will also gain prominence this year. Attention is on sod roofing and turf roofing, similar to rooftops of 17th century homes in Scandinavian countries. Wooden boards provide the base, which are then covered in layered birch bark to make the roof waterproof. Layers of grass, sod, or turf are added to secure the bark, absorb water and provide insulation.

Warm and Earthy Roof Color Trends

When it comes to home exterior colors for 2013, nature will continue to influence trends. Think greens, blues, in particular warm aqua, and neutrals, like gray, beige, taupe and off white. Although you probably don’t want a completely blue or green roof, expect to see roof shingles with blue or blue-green tones as prominent accents to the main color to make it pop.

We’re Your Roofing Stylists

With our active involvement in roofing associations and solid commitment to training our roof installers on the latest roofing materials, the Roofing Annex has a finger on the pulse of roofing trends. We’re among the first to know the newest roofing styles and how to properly install them.

Whether building a new home or replacing the roof on an existing house, the Roofing Annex can let you in on all the latest in roof design, materials and colors so your new roof will look stylish and remain in vogue for many years to come. Contact us today and give your roof a fresh new look in 2013.

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