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Roof maintenance programs pay off big time for commercial property owners because proactive preventive measures avoid extensive and expensive repairs that often result when maintenance is neglected. For instance, wouldn’t you rather pay now to repair a small roof leak than pay later for a new roof, property damage and possible injuries to individuals in a full roof collapse?

As expert commercial roofers, we offer complete property maintenance services to property managers and owners of condo buildings, apartment complexes, office parks, restaurants, retail businesses, commercial rental properties, factories, warehouses, government buildings, hospitals, educational facilities, or other type of commercial property. The Roofing Annex team is comprised of project managers who excel in timely project scheduling for effective project execution and completion, experienced and quality-driven installers and craftsmen, and highly educated and skilled safety specialists who are current on the latest OSHA safety requirements, techniques and teachings.

You will find that our property maintenance covers all aspects of the facility, including all-important roof maintenance services, and can be arranged through a complete maintenance contract or one-off repairs with no contract required. There’s nothing more convenient than having one source for your roofing and property maintenance.

The Benefits of a Roof Maintenance Program

Let’s face it, roofs on commercial buildings are extensive. So it follows that replacing the entire roof will be a costly endeavor. That’s why efforts to maintain and restore your roof make smart business sense. The more longevity you can get out of a building’s roof, the better the investment.

A roofing system maintenance program is designed to get the longest lifespan expectancy out of a building’s roof by staying on top of any deterioration and taking immediate steps to correct the problem. Besides cost savings, a roof maintenance program delivers other benefits:

  • Furthers your investment value;
  • Encourages sustainability through maintenance rather than disposal, which makes your building eco-friendly;
  • Shows current tenants your commitment to your property;
  • Enhances the appearance of your property for potential tenants.

What Our Roof Maintenance Program Includes

The Roofing Annex has one of the most comprehensive commercial roof maintenance programs in the industry at a cost that beats out the competition. Take a look at everything it includes:

  • Free Estimates
  • Biannual Visual Survey Inspections that include an inspection report and photos
  • Moisture Survey Inspections that include an inspection report and photos
  • Regular Roof Surface Cleanings, especially at drains
  • Surface Membrane Examination to check for bald spots
  • Periodic Membrane Checks for Unadhered Seams and Tears
  • Close Examination of ponding areas
  • Periodic Checks of Metal Flashing and Caulking at equipment penetrations
  • Renovation of existing roof system to maintenance status
  • 24-hour Response for leak repairs; 48 hours for other emergencies
  • Roof Repairs

As you can see, our commercial roofing system maintenance program is extremely comprehensive and was specifically designed as such to delay complete replacement of your commercial roof until it is absolutely necessary.

If you want to start a Roofing Annex roof maintenance program or receive a free estimate and suggested property maintenance package customized to your facility’s needs, simply Contact Us for an appointment.

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