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Roofing Annex is one of the few contractors committed to continue roofing training for all of its sales and project management staff. From annual roof inspection training and certification from Haag Engineering to educational briefings and local Cincinnati courses from GAF (America’s largest manufacturer of roofing system products) on a host of topics Roofing Annex is on top of it all. We also provide on-the job training for all new hires even if they are long time industry veterans. Why do we take the time, energy, and dollars it takes to keep abreast?

Continued Roofing Training Equates to Better Roofs, Happy Clients, and a GREAT Reputation

There is a direct connection with education level and quality output in all fields. Whereas most roofers in Cincinnati and elsewhere typically just hack their way through their existence drawing upon knowledge acquired on-the-job Roofing Annex staff sees through the problems that accrue with other roofing crews:

  • Improper Product Application – The most common mistakes made by roofers are using the wrong products in conjunction and not following installation procedures as manufacturers intend for optimal efficiency. Our inspectors see some of these issues upon basic inspections while others are not evident until old roofs are removed. More on roofing system components
  • Commercial Roofing Option Limitations – Salesmen who don’t keep up with advances in flat roofing products cannot help property owners and managers in choosing the best repair and replacement options.
  • Poorly written Estimates – When a salesman is unaware of best products and practices, the writing of an estimate is easily botched which is costly to both the property owner and the roofing company.
  • Building Code Discrepancies – Believe it or not, there are a lot of codes to follow in construction. Okay, we know you know that, but you’d be surprised how many smaller roofing companies are unaware of newer codes or blatantly ignore or bypass them.

There are other issues but the afore mentioned can all end up in huge monetary losses and water damage that becomes property loss. In roofing, there are 5 reasons why a roofer is called on and all of them take continued roofing training to be doing it right. The following list implies a leak or other issue is at play where a repair or replacements are the end result:

  1. Time wears down the roof – natural decay from UV damage
  2. A storm inflicts severe damage or the kind that deteriorates a roofing system slowly
  3. Renovations call for an updated or new type of roofing system
  4. Manufacturer defect replacement
  5. Installer defects (improper installation, missing components, wrong products, etc.)

You can see how a well-trained inspector plays into most of these as well as how proper installation with a strong estimate of all needed materials will have a higher return on investment.

Working with a professional that is committed to continued roofing training is essential for property owners who aren’t looking for a bargain basement price but value their investment.


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 Continued Roofing Training Equates to Better Roofs - Our Crew at training

A Look at Our Recent Continued Roofing Training

When GAF provides a training session to review product updates and installation practices, Roofing Annex sends its best to soak up the information. The demonstration that took place in Mason, Ohio this October showcased classroom education with Q&A, along with live demonstrations. Our participation salesmen took away nuggets of information that keep us on our game with drip edge, advanced starter strips, new shingle line advancements, and much more.

Cincinnati crew getting classroom style trainging

Building better roofs begins in a classroom!

Cincinnati roofers getting hands on training

Hands-on training is essential to craft a better roof.

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