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April 28, 2016

Initial findings after the April 26th storm are painting a colorful picture of mayhem. The certified storm damage inspectors at Roofing Annex, Cincinnati’s roof restoration experts, are documenting the effects of the 60+MPH winds and golf-ball-sized hail that pounded Anderson Township, Ohio for approximately an hour. This sustained meteorological event is said to have sounded like “machine gun fire” against calls and roofs.

Falling branches and trees did their worst as well but it’s the wind driven hail that is most concerning. Much of the damage can’t be seen from the ground and newer roofs that have wind damage may take a trained eye to spot it under close examination. After storms like this, it is highly recommended to have a thorough roof inspection.

hail wind damage anderson ohio

Hail and wind damage inspection results from Anderson Township, Ohio roof on April 28, 2016

Anderson Township Ohio roof repairs needed

Hail strike knock the granules off of shingles and the integrity of the shingle is then lost.

Anderson TWP roofs sustained more damage to items like vents, chimney caps, and flashing than expected.

Anderson  roofs sustained plenty of damage vents, chimney caps, and flashing, etc.

Checklist for Anderson Township Roofs Severely Storm Damaged

These to-dos are for those who suspect damage, have older roofs, or see damage to neighboring homes and want to play it safe:

  • Get your insurance provider’s phone number and your policy number handy
  • DO NOT call your insurer yet
  • DO call a reputable roofing company and ask if the specialize in roof restoration and provide insurance assistance
  • Schedule what should be a FREE inspection and consultation
  • A roofing inspector will get your inspection going quicker as well as properly documenting the damages for insurance claim purposes
  • Let your inspector help you secure your insurance claim dollars if there is storm damage
  • Get a quote and don’t be afraid to get a second quote
  • Compare apples to apples by reviewing your detailed estimates
  • Choose the company that’s providing the best quality and value
  • Be sure that your chosen roofing company is reputable (licensed, strong BBB rating, good online reviews, etc.)

Emergency Repairs for Anderson Township Roofs Severely Storm Damaged

  • DO call your insurance provider to open a claim if there is obvious damage like a large tree limb protruding from your roof or water is visibly coming in somewhere.
  • Ask about calling a local professional to come out immediately. Most roofers that work with insurers are “grandfathered in” meaning they’ve had a long history together. This isn’t always in your favor so look into picking your own service provider.
  • After initial patching and tarping comes the insurance adjuster inspection. They will take stock of the situation and make a ruling that may or may not be shared in full. A second opinion may be needed if you feel that their finding doesn’t allow for appropriate funding for your repairs.
  • Get a second or third estimate for the work based on the approved claim amount. Don’t just let your insurer run the show.

The bulk of the damage done to Anderson will be a gray area for insurance providers. Your roof may be trashed and unapproved while the one next door looks better and their insurer approves a full replacement. Getting stuck with a large bill is never good and acting now will prevent your claim denial.


Call Roofing Annex to help you gain peace of mind by scheduling a free roof inspection soon!