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Selecting the right roofing contractor is only half of the battle – homeowners need to be sure that they stay informed about what will be taking place on their roof. Hence, we want you to consider these 5 Qs to ask West Chester OH roofers before repairs begin. You should ask these questions before signing a contract or at the very least apply pressure on the project manager or foreman prior to the repairs being carried out to be sure you like the answer.

1) What are you doing to protect my landscaping?

West Chester homeowners already have harsh winters and spring storms disturbing their home exterior and yard. Nobody needs a sloppy roofing company adding to the fray.

Roofers typically secure their travel routes to the roof from the driveway staging area. This may involve the use of tarps but most roofing companies don’t have policies to secure more than the travel paths. This is BAD! There is always going to be some degree of mess and winds can carry debris off rooftops and onto flowerbeds, windows, decks and more. You want hear that the following previsions be made:

  • Window Coverings – Both glass and shutters on the lower floors are at risk of getting dust, debris, or worse. Large boards are the best way to secure these areas.
  • Landscaping – Flower beds, bushes, water features, and other low lying yard items need boards or well draped tarps.
  • Decking/Patios – The most overlooked feature by most roofers can easily be covered with a large tarp or two from the roof to the ground. Any debris slides down and pools up at the base. This makes for a quick cleanup as well.

2) What safety precautions do you make for me and my family during the repairs?

Aside from securing the property, roofing crews need to look out for the homeowner’s safety. Just shouting back and forth doesn’t cut it. Best practices include coned off danger areas, homeowner paths, and an understanding of a family’s day need to be established.

3) Will you be in charge of notifying my neighbors?

Roofing work is typically loud and frantic to the ear. As a courtesy to the homeowner and neighbors a roofer should inform the entire block and any backed up block ahead of time. This may change a build date to be kind to neighbors who have special functions at their homes.

4) Will there be someone on-hand that I can talk to?

Not all roofers have a foreman on the job and few of them are able to speak for their company. Choosing to work with a company that has a project manager is the surefire way to ensure your needs are met on repair day. The project manager is there to keep things running smoothly, give the homeowner a point of contact, and bring actual accountability in the event something goes awry.

Our cre always picks up after itself leaving no nail being when roofing in West Chester, Ohio.5) Will you clean up all the stray nails before leaving?

It’s a fact; nails get loose and fly all over the place. Most crews say they have their guys scavenge for them. You may even see them sweep the yard with a magnet. What you want to hear is that every bit of your yard will be swept by a rolling magnet.


As a local West Chester Township based roofing company, Roofing Annex makes it a top priority that our neighbors get the very best service available. Review the rest of our website and see for yourself that we the roofer that’s always on top of it all™ from great 5 star BBB reviews to being the only GAF master Elite Contractor™ in West Chester. If you enjoyed “5 Qs to Ask West Chester OH Roofers before Repairs” please read more of our blog posts.

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