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A leaky roof is a nuisance and a costly menace if not attended to quickly. Here at the Roofing Annex, our goal is to prevent roofing leaks from escalating, but we need your help to achieve it. By contacting us to discuss preventive actions, like our roof inspection service, ensures you never have to experience the costly hassle of a leaking roofing system.

Signs of a Leaky Roof

While you can’t miss water dripping down from the ceiling or walls in your home, it’s more difficult to figure out what part of the roof is leaking. Following the water streaks is helpful, but doesn’t always lead to the exact spot of the leak. What can find the source are our trained eyes and specialized tools to trace and locate a roof leak. Often times, the culprit is one or more of the following:

  • Missing shingles
  • Small roof holes
  • Damaged flashing or roof sealants around ventilation ducts, attic vents, plumbing vent pipes, skylights, exhaust flues and chimneys, and around seams in valleys, dormers and where the roof meets exterior walls.

Common Causes of Leaking Roofs

From years of inspecting roofs, the Roofing Annex has seen many factors that cause a roof to leak. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Shingle wear where protective granules have worn off from age.
  • Clogged gutters where leaves and other debris block water from flowing off your roof.
  • Storm damage from wind gusts, driving rain, snow, hail and ice weakening roofing materials, as well as the flashing and roof fasteners. Storm debris, such as tree branches can puncture your roof, and leaves or pine needles gathered in a roof valley can become wet and heavy and create water flow or drainage problems.
  • Ice dams that form when snow melts down from the roof then freezes up again when it reaches the edge of the roof, creating a ridge that blocks water from melting snow from dripping off the roof. This backup of water gets under the roofing materials and leaks into your home. The Roofing Annex can solve this problem by installing insulation or better attic ventilation.
  • Antenna Removal, such as a dish antenna, being taken off the roof, but the remaining bolt holes are not sealed up properly.
  • Poor workmanship that caused roofing materials to be improperly installed due to lack of experience, or corners cut to save money. That’s why it’s so important to hire a certified roofing company, such as the Roofing Annex, which is GAF and HAAG certified and an accredited Better Business Bureau company.

Is Your Home At Risk for a Roof Leak?

It may be if your roof is over 10 years old or close to its expected lifespan. As roofing systems age, they start to show wear and tear, especially if you’re in an area that sees a lot of storms or hot temperatures.

3 things you can do to prevent a roof leak

  1. Have the Roofing Annex inspect your home’s roof twice a year. We recommend spring and fall. Our roof inspection includes:
    • Checking the condition of the roofing material and flashing;
    • Removing any debris that has gathered in the valleys of your roof or in its gutters;
    • Evaluating the condition of your gutters and downspouts;
    • Checking for moisture in the attic and basement, as well as dampness in drywall and around windows, frames and sills.
  2. Use our storm damage services after a bad storm. Our storm damage inspection is conducted by a certified roofing inspector trained to spot hidden damage that could cause serious problems later on. If roof damage is found, we’ll also assist you with filing a storm damage claim with your insurance company.
  3. No matter how minor, call us for any roof repair as soon as you notice something amiss to prevent a small problem from becoming a major one.

Fast action is the golden rule when it comes to fixing a leaking roof. If you notice signs that indicate your roof may be leaking, spring into action and call the Roofing Annex immediately at 855-552-6639.