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If you know Roofing Annex then You’ve Found a Cedar Roofing Expert

Roofing Annex specializes in all forms of steep-slope roofing but prides itself on being an asphalt roofing system expert. We’ve earned an excellent reputation for this in the Cincinnati communities we serve. Because we are all about crafting the best roofs with the best products and know-how, we realize the importance of applying the right type of expertise to each project. And believe it or not, there is an enormous difference in product, fasteners, application and maintenance between cedar shakes and asphalt shingles.

Putting the Roofing Annex Stamp on Cedar Shake Roofing

Roofing Annex follows these fundamental tenets in their business:

  • Top products – Roofing Annex uses GAF Timberline (or similar products), and Shake Guys uses 100% Premium edge-grain cedar shakes. (There is nothing better.)
  • Best Practices – From customer service to roof application, we are hell-bent on perfection.
  • Talent – We bring the most talented inspectors, project managers and craftsmen to bear on each project.
  • Storm Damage Services – Both Roofing Annex and Shake Guys are staffed with Haag Certified technicians who know better than anyone how to identify and document storm damage. These inspectors have amassed a wealth of knowledge and forensic skills to diagnose small-fix damages as well as hard-to-see systemic roofing system failure. Both staffs work tirelessly to educate clients, guide them through the diagnosis and repair process, and advocate for insurance claims.
Cedar Roof maintenance customer in Indian Hill, Ohio

The cedar shake roofers at Roofing Annexs provide maintenance plans for homes and commercial building. This India Hill home we built had just been cleaned before this photo.

Steam bent cedar roofs by SHake Guys, Ohio

This Cincinnati home showcases a niche withing a niche, steam bent cedar. Our master roofers are pros with this delicate art form.

What Sets Us Apart From the Pack?

A shake roof is different from any other type of roof for a laundry list of reasons! Without going too deep down a boring rabbit hole of specifications, here are some of the top factors that homeowners need to know:

Roofing Systems Built to Last

We don’t just put on a product; we build a roofing system meant to last 50 years. The value we provide goes beyond the intrinsic beauty of the rooftops we craft – our roofs add insulation to homes, cutting electric bills, and they outlast most asphalt roofs, if cared for properly. Our 100 percent premium edge grain shakes are at the core of this. Whether we use heavy split and resawn shakes, which are hand-split and sanded smooth on the back while textured on the front face, or tapersawn shakes, which resemble cedar shingle but are thicker, our clients get a great product that looks gorgeous for decades. This grain cut keeps the boards from curling and splitting and also takes abuse from hail and other potentially damaging weather far better than most roof types. We specialize in building complete roofing systems with proper ventilation, as cedar needs to breathe, and fasteners (nails) that stand the test of time.

Craftsmanship and Project Management Matters

If you need work on a cedar roof, you really need a cedar shake roofing specialist such as Roofing Annex. Trying to compare cedar roofing to any other type of roofing is like comparing apples to bananas. An apple farmer and a banana farmer don’t grow and harvest their products in the same manner. One can’t go to the other’s farm and know exactly what to do, even after visiting once and helping with a harvest. So it is with cedar versus asphalt roofs. The two are different in every way, and each needs the care of a seasoned expert.

Some areas, such as Columbus, have multiple “cedar roofing specialists,” but how they operate says a lot. A proper team should be more than a couple of workers and a foreman. Look for companies with accountability. You want a crew (the men on the roof), a foreman to direct them, and a project manager to oversee it all. Project managers offer accountability, keep the project running smoothly from start to finish, and are there to take care of the homeowners’ needs.

Commercial Roofing project in Columbus, Ohio

Our team understands scale and timing. This Montgomery, Ohio office building’s roof was fully replaced in two days.

Copper work on Dayton roof

Roofing Annex provides copper-works services. This Dayton home was re-roofed and had copper added in conjunction.

How to Get Cedar Shake Roofing in the Cincinnati Area

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